Limiting stock with many variations - Table reservation for Craft Studio

I own a craft studio and want to use my square for booking projects in my DIY Workshops.  They can choose from 18 projects for the one seat they will reserve.  I won't have a limit on the project stock (I make everything) but I do have a limit on the seats.  I wanted to have a zero dollar project with 12 seats (for example) and they add on modifiers of their project/add ons.  But I'm getting a note that zero dollar events/items won't show.  Anyone done anything similar?

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You can create a $0 item in your Square Online website, @camie.


You would then create options and add prices to those options.



The price for the specific project will display when a customer selects that project:



Would something like this work, or are you trying to offer these options in-person through your Square Point of Sale?

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