Looking for assistance!

I have the Square register which I LOVE....I purchased two android tablets for my servers to input orders with intent of being able to print the receipt the register.( I was trying this route since the portable printers are not being recognized by the app to be able to print receipts. )


Can anyone tell me how I can see an order entered on my android tablet on the Square Register? 


Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!

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Hey @KMG1 !


Congrats on the new hardware!


When you say Order do you mean Open Ticket or is it closed & paid for?

Either way, as far as I know, both of them should sync over across all devices as long as they're all logged into the same Square Account.

You should be able to go into Transactions and see completed paid for transactions across all devices, or go into Open Tickets to see them from all devices.

It may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, but it should definitely work!


As far as printing to portable printers - as long as they're square compatible devices, they should be able to print! Take a look at the Compatible Devices list and check:




Good luck!

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Hi Pesso - Thank you so much for your inputs. Perhaps I'm not using the app correctly 🙂 I


Here is what I'm doing as my test scenario. I'm going into the app, and selecting any menu item from the library. Leaving the sale open, if I go to my register, I can't pull up the ticket I just entered. I THINK I may have found the option that allows me to save 'tickets' so that they can sync and be seen on my register. Tomorrow, I plan to see if my test order worked. 


I've tried to add the main receipt printer by creating a print station so my servers could just print a receipt directly from the tablet. However, even though I have an ethernet (part of the register package from Square)  printer it is not showing up as an option to map on the tablets. This is the same process I've followed when trying to add the portable printers which were supposed to be compatible with the app but now I'm not sure. 


I just purchased a Wi-Fi Kitchen printer and I'm really worried that I am going to have the same results with it as well not being able to get it paired even though it is one of the Star printers featured on the link you shared.  


I sincerely thank you for you guidance! I'm optimistic that I may have found the key to at least being able to pull the ticket up to print on the register. 



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