Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

So I have been using Square for almost 4 years, and have had 4 Capital loans.

I paid off my last loan early, and within a week recieved an offer that was considerably lower than my last 3 offers.

My total card processing last year was down 7% (due to a very weak first quarter), but my first quarter processing for this year is up by over 200%.


So my question is, if I don't accept the current Capital offer how long until Square reviews my account again, and extends me a better/higher Capital offer.

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

From what I gather, whatever they give you is what they can offer. I have heard it cannot be negotiated. 

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

So here is the winning answer.

I didn't respond to the low initial offer, and 3 weeks later they removed the offer.

1 week after that I got a new offer. That offer is DOUBLE the low offer that I originaly got.

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

Hello @gsxrfathead


When determining your Capital eligibility and custom offers, we look at factors such as your history with Square and your processing volume. Any adjustments in your offers are likely the result of a change in your account activity. Please know that there are no penalties for paying off your loan early. 


Your Capital offer is continuously being evaluated based on these factors, so if there are any changes to your business, your three new offers may adjust as well.


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No response from anyone

I have asked, I have sent emails about a capital loan, I've had 2 and paid down to 80+% on the most recent one. All I keep getting and seeing in this forum is the same copy and paste of many factors go into getting a loan. Does anyone get to actually talk to anyone about getting a loan? Please let me know if I'm the only one being ignored.

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Russell Square

Re: No response from anyone

Hey @Kravguy1 - sorry that you're feeling ignored, it is not how we want you to feel at all. We just aren't able to discuss what goes into a loan offer. I'm sorry for that and definitely get where it may bring you peace of mind to know what specifically goes into receiving an offer. 

Do know that when we're able to make an offer, we will reach out to you. Sending some well wishes and good vibes your way. 😉

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Re: No response from anyone

Exactly.  @Russell this is why Square Capital is useless for true business needs.  Entrepreneurs need to have capital available when they see opportunity.  Waiting for an offer works if you want to buy a car or have discretionary spending cash.  Investment opportunities, however, don't wait for algorithms.  EVERYONE:  if you see opportunity, seek alternate means of financing.  You'll miss your opportunity waiting for Square Capital and they won't hint if an offer is on the horizon or not.

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

I love the square capital! I have had 4 square capital loans. However, I am at 88% paid and have not received a new offer. My sales are about the same for this time of year and I could really really need a new offer for new inventory. I have absolutely no complaints, just need an offer! I have paid some extra when we have cash sales so I could bring the balance down! I just wish It was a consistent as before! I have friends that I have recook or square and will continue to do so! 

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

Hi @Sadiebaby1


Thank you for proactively using your cash sales to pay down your balance. 


Once the prepayment has been submitted it takes up to two weeks for payment confirmation. Your business will be reevaluated for a new loan offer after the payment is confirmed. If you’re eligible, you’ll be notified directly on your Square Dashboard and via email.

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Re: Low Capital offer, how often do they review accounts?

Thank you so much!! I have absolutely no complaints about square...we have been using it for about 4 years and I have never experienced any problems with deposits, etc. our customers LOVE ❤️ the loyalty program...they love to see the ! I highly recommend square to others. I will keep the faith that I will get another offer soon...we are going into our busy fall season in the mountains and could definitely use for new and exciting inventory to keep our customers happy and to bring in new ones!! 


Thanks again.

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