Manually opting customer in to marketing


I am going to start saving customer details (with permission of course) but I am wondering why, when manually adding customers, is there no option for that customer to opt in to marketing?


If it makes a difference, I am in the UK.

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Hi @cymru78, thank you for your message!


I'd be happy to help with your query and provide you more tailored information about collecting your customer's emails for Marketing campaigns. 


Could you first give me more details on how you manually add customers - do you add them from the Dashboard or on the app after a transaction? 


In the meantime, you can consult our Support Centre article about collecting customer information


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On this particular occasion to do some tests, I added myself as a customer through the Dashboard. There was no option to opt in to marketing material.


However, I have just looked on the Point of Sale app, and I CAN see the option to subscribe to email marketing so considering I use the Point of Sale when serving customers, that's something at least!

Thank you.

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I should have also mentioned that I did put my personal email address to opt in via my website as well, but I can't see a way to find out if that worked from within the dashboard.


I didn't get any confirmation emails (if I was meant to).

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Just taking over for Lou here @cymru78 - do you have a QR code on your website or is there a different way you opted in? If you could send a link I can take a close look. 

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I have the sign up form at the bottom of each page

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I wanted to check if this might be a Contact Form @cymru78? 

If so it might be explained here as their set-up is slightly different from Marketing. 

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No contact form at all.


At the moment, it's simply just the sign up link which is currently at the bottom of each of my pages  at flauntitvintage.co.uk

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Looping back in @cymru78


The form you mentioned is not considered GDPR compliant by Square Marketing’s standards, because it doesn’t get specific consent for behavioral tracking from your customers. 


The email addresses entered in the "Stay in the loop" form are collected in the Form Submissions section of your Online Overview page. They are not added to your Customer Directory and subscribed to Square Marketing. 


I understand you want to offer your customers the option to opt-in for marketing and set up automated emails.


I'm currently looking for a workaround, and I'll post back on this thread later this afternoon.


Thanks for your patience!


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Thank you.

I can see the submitted email addresses under Form Submissions as you explained.


Hopefully some sort of workaround can be found, but at least I do have a way of keeping an eye on any subscribers.

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Sorry for the delay here @cymru78!


I provided you the incorrect information in my previous post - I apologise about this. The email addresses collected on your website will also appear in the Customer Directory located in your Dashboard. However, they will be marked as Nonsubscribed to Square Marketing. 


I have a found a workaround that might suit you though.

Square Marketing has some features that help you collect email addresses; in-store signage, QR code and a link. 

Instead of having a contact form, you could create a section with a button and embed the link. When clicking on the button, your customers will be taken to an external page to sign up for Square Marketing. 


Here's how you can get the link from your Dashboard:

  • In the Customers tab, click on Marketing 
  • Click on Settings then Copy Link


To add the button section to your page, log in to your Square Online editor:

  • Click on +, then Sections



  • Under Organise, select Button 

Screenshot 2024-01-19 11.09.05 AM.png


  • The section will be added to your page. Click on the section itself, then click on the button to access the button's settings (you might have to click multiple times) > click on Add Link

Screenshot 2024-01-19 11.10.31 AM.png


  • Select External Link and past the Square Marketing link under URL

Screenshot 2024-01-19 11.16.07 AM.png

The complete steps on how to add sections are outlined in this Support article.



During the checkout flow, your customers will also have the option to opt-in for Square Marketing. When they tick the boxes, their information will be collected, and they will be subscribed to Marketing. 


Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.35.59 AM.png


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.

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Thank you for this.

I am trying to give this a try.


However, I've now got another issue when logging in to my online editor

I can no longer see (or find) my home page in the menu.


Something else has appeared called 'Personalised Order Screen' (which isn't much use to those of us in the UK at the moment).


I can see 'Home' in my menu, but that home isn't my actual home page. My home page is 'Shop All', but that's not appearing so I now can't edit my home page!


If it's not one thing, it's another.


Screenshot 2024-01-19 12.04.13.png

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To continue my last post above....

It appears that my home page has changed names to 'Order Online' for some reason or another


As you can see, it's not matching what my website looks like....I don't know what's happened, but I need it fixed. It's definitely nothing that I have done. I've not changed any settings for ages.


Screenshot 2024-01-19 12.51.15.pngScreenshot 2024-01-19 12.51.33.png


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Just taking over for Lou @cymru78 - ah it looks like you might have switched templates from Retail to Food & Beverage. 


You can revert this:


(Square Online overview > Website > Edit Site). Click the Pages drop-down in top left-hand corner, find the Category Pages section, click the three dots, then select Switch template.


Let me know if it works! 

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Screenshot 2024-01-19 18.04.46.pngThank you.

I have no idea why the template changed, but it's now back to normal....phew!


Regarding the workaround for the mailing list. I followed the advice given to a certain extent. Instead of adding a new section, I just added a custom button to the section that I already have on my home page and voila!


This certainly seems to be the best solution, so now all I have to do is actually get some subscribers!


I did seem to have one little issue, however. It wouldn't let me add my personal email address (shows an error, but didn't say what the error is) and then I remembered I had already added it manually. So, I then deleted my personal account completely and tried the same email and the error still appeared.


However, I then tried another email address of mine and that one worked straight away.


Just one more question...is there a way to edit the wording on the sign up page by any chance? Not a big deal if it's not possible

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Square Community Moderator

Hello @cymru78, stepping in here for @Breffni, you cannot edit the sign-up page. If you have any more questions or concerns let us know! 

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Square Champion

It would be great if the sign up page text could be edited.


Would you happen to know how to change the size of the logo on the signup page, we have tried pretty much everything in the accounts setting page logo files printed and digital section. Logo looks a little lost, see picture below


Screenshot (36).png


Coco Chemistry Ltd
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I don't know if this would be any good for you, but I've figured something out for the sign up page and subscriber list in general.


I've signed up for MailerLite (others are available), made a new page on my website, set up an automation on MailerList so that new subscribers get a welcome email and discount code and then embedded the HTML code into my new page. Obviously, I also changed the link on the button to 'sign up here' to my new page and this is what it looks like now




Other options with MailerLite include pop-ups etc, if that's your thing. MailerLite is a little bit like MailChimp - it's just a shame that it doesn't integrate with Square

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Thanks for sharing @cymru78


Note that you also have the possibility to set up automated emails with Square Marketing, such as welcome or follow-up emails. You can view the full list of Automated campaign types on our Support Centre.


I've also looked up our partners on Marketplace -  if you'd prefer using an integration, MailChimp is a direct partner with Square. 

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I am aware of this thank you.


However, it appears that with square it's only possible to send a welcome email following a first purchase from a customer.


With MailerLite, I have set up to be able to send a welcome email and discount code the moment they register for the mailing list.


I considered MailChimp, but it seems there are better options on the MailerLite free plan Vs MailChimp free plan.


As a small business, this is obviously vital for me at this time.


If MailerLite could be an integrated option at some point, that'd be great!

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Hi @phillipsrw, thanks for flagging.


Customising the sign up page for Square Marketing would be a feature request. I understand the importance of making customer-facing interactions more attractive so I've shared your feedback with our Product team. 


Feel free to also post the feature on the Ideate page as well.



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