Online Store - Multiple Locations - Different Modifiers?

Hello community!

We have 2 separate location with 2 menus that vary somewhat from one another (1 is a brick & mortar, other is a food truck).

Some of the modifiers available at the main location are perpetuated to both locations. Customers are modifying (and paying for) items that are not available on our food truck.


Is there a way to apply a certain set of modifiers to another location?

Appreciate the help in advance!


EDIT: Found a workaround - I created a new category set of mods solely for the food truck location and applied those to that location.

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Re: Online Store - Multiple Locations - Different Modifiers?

Hi there, @jasonbrumb! Good to hear from you, again! Thanks for reaching out and asking another great question here on the Seller Community. As always, happy to have you in the fold.


This is a great question. I also appreciate you bouncing back and letting us know that you got this one solved. Your solution is exactly what I would have suggested to insure you have a separate set of modifiers only for your Food Truck. As you now know, you can add and edit modifiers that apply to items specifically at one location from the Online Dashboard. 


Let me know if anything else comes up that you are curious about! We are here to help - granted you don't solve it first 😎

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Re: Online Store - Multiple Locations - Different Modifiers?

So I have a question now.  I do not have multiple locations, but do want the online orders to have a different set of modifiers.  My servers have access to a lot of different modifiers while taking dine-in orders.  I don't necessarily want the public to have that many options when ordering online.  1.  It's a lot of information  2.  It clutters the process.


I could make an additional location that is simply named "online", but according to my subscription that would incur an additional fee of $60 mos. for the location.

My other option would to duplicate every item I want online with it's own set of modifiers.. but we have a lot of items and my staff quite often does a search for the item to ring it up.  It's much faster than screen punching.  So now the search will pull up two identical items.  

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