Printing Kitchen Tickets when splitting tickets

We had 5 customers today that all came in together  and sat at the same table but they all paid for their own meals. As a result square register prints 5 separate kitchen tickets.


Is there a way to show that all the customers are at the same table for the kitchen so that they prepare and send the order out at once and still split the ticket so each customer can pay individually? We had problems with the kitchen sending each individual ticket out as the order was prepared and then everyone at that particular table did not get their meal at the same time.

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Re: printing Kitchen Tickets when splitting tickets

Hi @lacurtis1996, welcome to the Community and thanks for posting.  


I might need a little more info about how your customers order but I'm assuming you have them pay prior to their meal - it sounds like - as opposed to splitting the check after the meal? 


If that's the case, there isn't really a way to keep an open ticket for the kitchen, while each person pays separately. I think the best option is to note that each order is part of group on the screen where you add the order/ticket name. For example adding "John S. 1/5, Jill 2/5, etc." as you place the orders would at least let your staff know that each incoming order is part of a group. 


Hopefully that helps, but let me know if there are more details I'm missing. 

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