Product Update: Take In-Person Payments for Invoices

Hi Community! I’m thrilled to share a new feature that lets you accept payments for invoices straight from the Point of Sale App. So if you’re ever with your clients in-person and they’d like to pay off an outstanding invoice with you, you can do so directly from Square Point of Sale.



Here’s How it Works


  1. Select Invoices from the navigation menu (the three horizontal lines in the corner).
  2. Click on the invoice from your list. Or if you don’t have an outstanding invoice, create one from your device.
    • Check out our Support Center to learn how to create new  invoices.
  3. Tap Take Payment.
  4. Swipe, Dip or Tap your customers card or select a separate tender type (Card on File, Cash, Gift Card, Check or Other.)
  5. You’ll see a final screen that reads Invoice Paid after the payment completes.
  6. Your customer will automatically receive payment confirmation to the email entered for their Invoice.








Pricing for Invoices Paid in Person

The processing fee for invoices paid in person is the same as our standard card-present rate: a flat 2.6% + 10¢ using your Square reader. If you manually enter card information for the invoice, the fee will be the standard card-not-present rate of 3.5% + 15 cents.


Pricing for Invoices Paid Online

There’s no change here - a 2.9% + .30 cent processing fee is applied at the time the invoice is paid online by your customer.


We’re excited to have you try this feature and help you manage your invoices from anywhere! Also check out some benefits to mobile invoicing on our Town Square blog. *You can also learn more about how Square processing fees work here: Understanding Our Fees | Square Payments. Or check out the video, below! 



Feel free to comment below with any questions, thanks!



*This post was edited by a moderator on August 20, 2020 to offer more visibility into Square's pricing.


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Bug Report:   This is a great addition and much needed, but there are a couple of bugs to do with invoices and inventory.


1.   Taking payment in person for an invoice does NOT correctly reduce the inventory of the items on the invoice.  If I have 30 Widgets in stock, I invoice a customer for 10 Widgets, then the customer pays the invoice in person, I'm still left with 30 widgets showing as in stock even though 10 of them were just sold and paid for.


2.  Inventory should (for most businesses) be reduced when the invoice is created and sent to a customer.  Since the customer has been invoiced, this inventory has either been delivered to the customer already or should be "allocated" to that customer, so the inventory should show what is "available" for other sales.  


Could we please get fixes for these bugs?


Many thanks.



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Hi @JHruby. Glad to hear you're enjoying this feature. It's definitely been a popular request from our sellers. As far as your feedback, while this isn't technically a bug, this is absolutely another feature request that we hear from folks. In general, inventory management doesn't currently integrate with Square Invoices, but it would be an awesome improvement! Subscribe to this thread for future updates on this feature! Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! 🙂

Product Manager | Square, Inc.
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I viewed it as a bug because of the functional expectation that I had and I would think many users would share.  


When I'm adding inventoried items to an invoice, then receiving payment for those items/that invoice, my expectation was that the inventory would be reduced by those sold (and now paid for) items.   POS works this way, I couldn't see why it would be a "feature" over in invoicing, so I assumed it was a bug.


Please add it soon!  The new in-person payments feature is not usable to me because of this missing feature.  To keep my inventory straight, I cannot use the feature as designed.



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Any invoicing system that does NOT reduce inventory when an invoice is generated is basically useless for small businesses.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone on your programming team understands accounting.  Maybe the head of your development team should be an accountant so you don't create more work and headaches for your largest group of customers!

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[Note (2019): Square's per transaction fee for card payments that are dipped, tapped or swiped is 2.6% + 10¢. Learn more in our Support Center.]


Hey @Wedding_Guy


Just here to provide some clarification. If you choose to take an invoice payment in person on the App the fee will be 2.6% + 10¢ if you swipe a card, not 2.9% + $0.30. So there is no pricing change for using the in person method. You can read this at the bottom of @nlin's post. 


Taking an in person payment for an invoice has been one of the most requested features over the past 6 months. We love listening to our Sellers feedback and coming up with solutions. If you have any other questions regarding this feature I would be happy to answer them. 😀

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Beta Member

I can't seem to download the updated app from the Google Play store

When I select Update a screen pops up and says (Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account)

I'm able to update other apps I have, but not Square 😞

I have my first show of the season this weekend, so would like the update.


PS:  Also, I can't seem to start my own thread. I searched everywhere and no option to start a new topic.



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@RCT Sorry to hear about the trouble!


Have you tried signing out and then signing back into your Google Play Store account? Or maybe removing that account in general and then adding it again?


There's not a lot of troubleshooting I can suggest for the Google Play store itself.


You might need to contact the Google Play Store Support Team directly for this, as everything seems to be working with this app update as normal. 


In regards to creating a new thread in the community:


How to: Start a New Thread in the Community

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Beta Member

thank you.  But, my Google Playstore account is fine because I can download any new apps and update all current apps, except for Square.   I've never had that happen before

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@RCT I was able to do some digging around and found this thread in the Google Community in which one of their Community Managers responded with some tips:


Authentication is Required.You need to sign into your Google Account. by Safina Tee  4/30/15 



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Beta Member

ok, just looked around again.  Could it be I was trying to update the old version?

while the new app is now called Square Point of Sale Beta ?

I clicked on it and it downloaded fine

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I am told that this feature is only available for Android users.  I have an iPhone and it doesn't say "Take Payment" anywhere.  Or, if it's there, I can't seem to find it.

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Actually, it does say it.  What I'm trying to find out is can I create an drafted invoice and charge them from the drafted invoice when I am in person with them?

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Hi @leosicecream! Unfortunately in order for an invoice to be paid for, it cannot be a draft. You must complete and send the invoice. But let me know what you're trying to accomplish here, and I can help see if there's any workaround options!


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Hey @leosicecream! If you're trying to avoid emailing the invoice to your client, here's another option. Simply go to "delivery" option in the invoice creation screen, and select "Share URL Manually." Afterward, complete your invoice like you normally would. Once it's ready, click "Create." You'll then see options to "Copy Link" and "Share," which will allow you to share the invoice through text or social medial. Hopefully that's helpful for you!

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Thank you for your replies.  With QB, I can send estimates.  Then, I show up at the catering job and realize I need to add to the estimate.  I can edit them while I am in front of the person and accept their payment right then and there.  Then I turn it into an invoice and let them pay now or email it to them.  I don't have to send it to their phone, etc.  I can swipe their card from the invoice.  I was wondering if that was possible with Square.  I am finding it's not an option unless an invoice is emailed or if I share the link manually to their phone, which neither option works for me.

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Hello @leosicecream, you are able to do something similar with Square. 


You can send an invoice to your customer with the initial estimated amount. When you get to the job site, you can make an adjustment on the fly as long as your customer hasn't made a payment to the initial invoice estimate.


If you open the invoices tab on Square Point of Sale, you can filter to unpaid invoices. Once you click on your desired invoice you should see the invoice details screen. From here you can edit the invoice by hitting the button in the top right corner. You can add or take away items or adjust the price as necessary. You will then have to hit resend and the customer will receive an updated version of the invoice. 


We recently added the ability to take invoice payments right on your mobile device or tablet. From the invoice details screen you will see the option to take a payment. This is the step right before editing the invoiceThis way you can have your customer pay the invoice right then and there. Although the customer might receive an extra email the process is fairly similar. 


If I can help answer any other questions please let me know! 😀

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Beta Member

What if the check I accepted does not go through? How do I take the payment off the invoice to tell customer he still owes me?

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Square Community Moderator

At this time since we don't process check payments (your respective banking institution does), the only option we can suggest is refunding the check so the Customer is able to get an alert. However, this matter would need to be settled outside of Square.

Community Moderator, Square
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Beta Member

No, you're not understanding my question. I posted a check on square that did go through at my bank. So now square thinks the customer paid. So now the person can't pay the deposit by card.

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