Request for credit card info taken off Square

I have a customer requesting her credit card info be taken off Square after her purchase and claims she cannot.  Asked me if I could?  Not sure how to handle this.

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square


To save a customers card, you would of needed their authorization. If you have added them (With authorization), you will need to navigate to:

Dashboard>Customers>Directory>(Search for them)>Edit. You can delete the customer completely, or edit the CC information if you have it uploaded.  Here is the support post Here.


If you have not added them, Their card # is not retained.


If they are ordering online, and their credit card information keeps popping up upon checkout, they will need to click the remove button located next to the card in the cart.


Does this help?


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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

@Fresh1 Your advise, while best intended, is not true. "To save a customers card, you would of needed their authorization." Unless this is a new feature? In my years of square experience--one of the most frustrating settings was sqare automatically saving credit card information. There are settings to disable this "feature" but it depends on what device you are using. The client has the option to recieve a emailed receipt. If they choose this option they can stop the association of their card. At the bottom of the reciept you will notice a link "Not My Receipt?" if you click on that it should remove the card associated with the email so the next time you enter that email you can choose NO when asked to retain credit card information. Fresh1, I know there has been a few changes, but my guess is the client has used square prior to any upgrades and the CC info is locked in from previous transactions automatically. This step has worked for me in the past hopefully it will still work. @ileneblaisch1 there has been several changes. The above mentioned has worked in the past, hopefully it will work in your situation. If none of our advise helps resolve your issue, I recomend contacting square direct to assist you with your client. They have the ability to contact the client on your behalf. Cheers.

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

This is very interesting. @Feedback2016 how are you seeing the customer CC info?  I can not comment on previous versions of square builds, but am curious where this data is stored. I am aware that we can enter their information with permission, are you referring to how square associates cards to emails for data/payment processing? (Not customer requested  CC information stored under customer directory)

Your tip on how to remove the square asssociation is unique.

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

@Fresh1 All I can comment on is how it affected me.  I have international clients that come into my shop.  I also have multiple clients purchasing portions 1/2 of a transaction.  Before I invested in a square printer for my register I had to utilize the email receipt function as an only option. Unless I wanted to print thre 81/2 X 11 pages for a single receipt.  (purposesly set to make us spend more money) With that said, it was not unusual for me to enter an email such as my own or just one of the clients for a receipt for both. I could then provide a copy for my client.  This receipt is also used as a ticket for the client to show proof of payment for the service I am providing.  Unfortunately, this caused credit cards to be associated with emails and therefor me as well as my clients were receiving the other persons private receipts if they made a future square purchase. Square, at that time, and I believe they still do retained credit card information and associate that information with an email. Finally square added a function to shut this feature off.  Long explanation I am sure, however, thats what led me to my suggestion to allow the transaction to go through then choose "not my receipt" to remove the link of credit card to email.  This worked for me and I think it might work for @ileneblaisch1 Did I miss something? Are you trying to get the client a receipt without, last four of the CC or maybe, his/her name?  Closing a duplicate invoice as PAID by OTHER is the only thing I can think of for that.  Hope I am on the same page as you.

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

@Fresh1 after further review of your coment, maybe I am talking about two different situations.  Full disclosure I have never used "CC information stored under customer directory" I still think my suggestion might work.  I would have the client try an old receipt and select "not my receipt"


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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

Sorry for the delayed response here!


It brings me great joy to inform everyone that all of the answers provided are correct!


Square does in fact tie payment cards to a customers preferred receipt location for future purchases from a Square Seller. This way, they aren't burdened with the task of re-entering their email address or phone number multiple times.


As @Feedback2016 mentioned, you can opt out of this automatic receipts feature and also click on the "Not your receipt?" link on the bottom of the receipts page. 


Additionally, we've recently rolled out the ability for Square Sellers to store a customers payment card, not for receipts, but for future charges. The article that @Fresh1 provided gives a run down of the new Customer Directory and Card on File features. 


Whichever situation @ileneblaisch1 was in, you both covered the topics perfectly so thank you for that. 


If there's any clarification needed here, let me know and I can help out further. Other than that, it looks like you've taken care of another fellow Square Seller. 

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

Had a customer's wife tell me her husband was livid  because his suprise gift to her had been exposed by a digital receipt sent to her.  

I did not initiate an email receipt, and he did not give me their email. Not only do I fgeel bad, but I have lost a customer.


Is your automatic system an opt out system that they can only do after the fact? Or did they in the past use that card at another

square merchant and opted in?  I really don't understand.  Can I turn this off?

How do I best explain this to them?


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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

Hey there - Sorry to hear about the trouble. Once a customer enters their information for a receipt at a Square merchant, that information is used for all future Square purchases made with that card. There is a disclaimer at checkout that alerts them of this. It sounds like maybe his wife used the card at a Square merchant before and linked her own email address for that transaction. To unlink it, his wife would need to open the receipt, scroll to the bottom and click "Not Your Receipt?". From there, it will give her the option to opt out of future digital receipts and unlink her email address.


Or she can reach out to our Support team at http://squ.re/contact (I Don't Have A Square Account > Other > I Don't See My Issue) and send them a copy of the receipt to have them manually unlink it.


Once that's done, the next time he purchases something with a Square merchant, he'll be prompted to enter his own phone number or email address.

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Re: Request for credit card info taken off Square

I do appreciate your quick response.
But there is no disclaimer showing on my screen.  I'm realatively new to this POS and did not realize I'm collecting email addresses.  I don't like this.
Can I turn this auto receipt OFF from my end so customers would have to request a digital receipt?  I use a printer so why another receipt?
I really do NOT appreciate the position your system puts me in.  Makes me look bad.  Third party privacy issues...
Give ME options.
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