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Square Appointments keeps changing the names of my clients when they set appointments.

It's been happening for the last three days. When a client sets an appointment, Square Appointments will change the name. I've noticed that the name it changes it to is that of one of their family members. For example, both Tracy and her daughter, Mary, are my clients and have been for three years. The other day, Tracy set an appoinment for herself, but the app changed it to her daughter, Mary's, name. This has never happened before and it was confusing to Tracy who typed in her own name, only to have the app change it. This has happened to several of my clients, those who also bring their children in to see me, for the last three days. The parent sets the appointment, entering her own name, and the app changes it to her daughter's name. It's annoying and it's causing people to cancel with me because of the confusion. Which is, obviously, costing me money. The only thing that I can think of, is that because the contact info is the same, the app takes liberty in correcting the name the guest enters. It's never happened before, so why is it happening now and who can make it stop? TIA.

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Hey @Swoodsy - That's odd. Do these customers happen to have a profile within your Customer Directory? If so, I'm thinking that maybe their profiles are being merged by the system. It has the ability to detect duplicates to keep your Customer Directory organized and so it will merge two separate profiles if enough of the information they contain match (i.e. same phone number, email address, etc.). Since you mentioned that the parents are the ones setting up the appointment, I'm assuming that if their child has an existing profile it would contains the same contact information as their parent (or vice versa).


This is just a theory though and if they've been within your Directory all this time without an issue previously then it's weird that it would show now soI've flagged your post with our Appointments team to confirm the cause. They should follow up via email so keep an eye out on your inbox!

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Hi, @puka


Thanks for getting back with me and for sending the info to the Appointments team. I am ready to get this issue fixed. I agree with you that it's weird it would suddenly be glitching now. 

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I have the same issue. Maybe having the option to change the name in appointment without having to cancel and recreating the appointment would be great. For hair salons it is common for the parents to book appointments for their children and use 1 email. As the children do not have an email. So the parents book all their appointmants under one name. Which is confusing. This needs to be fixed. 

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Hi there @Melaniejanis


Thank you for reaching out to us about this. We recommend contacting our Customer Success team directly so they can investigate this more for you.

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