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Hi! I've been using Square for a little over a year. I have found it to be a huge help to my business. I now have other people in my community asking me questions about how to set up a similar store. I have always handed out my referral code and told them it was super simple! But I am just now realizing that the options have changed since I signed up! Is Weebly the only option now? Or can you still sign up to have the old Individual Location Dashboard Store? Should I integrate to Weebly- is that an option? I really have things solidly working in my Square Store, but feel like I have lead more people to confusion since I have told them for nearly a year that I use Square- not Weebly (face palm!) Any information on this would be helpful! 

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Re: Square Store/ Weebly Question

Hello @darlingcookieco! Thanks for spreading the word about Square, we appreciate your support!


You can still share your referral link with anyone interested in using Square to take payments in person or online but you're right, anyone who signs up today will have the new Weebly-powered online store. It's not possible to have an individual location Dashboard Store anymore but the new Weebly-powered version has lots of great features and is easy to set up too!


We are gradually rolling out the new Weebly-powered online store so that everyone can benefit from the additional features. (If you want to move to the new store now just call our team so we can help you with the next steps.) In the meantime if you're fielding questions about Square's Online Store or if you're interested in learning more yourself this website has a good overview: https://squareup.com/us/en/online-store. There's more information in the Square Support Center too, check out these FAQs and How to set up your Online Store! And of course we're happy to answer any specific questions here. 😊

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