Tax Free Holidays

Any updates on Tax Free Holidays? It would be nice if there were exemption dates that you could input that would negate taxes on those dates. As I understand it, the only option is to remove taxes prior to the date and then re-add them once the date has passed.

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This is still the case, as it's still a Feature Request for Tax Free Holidays.


You can change the Tax in your Item page of your Square Dashboard. If you create a 0% Tax and apply it to those items, it will allow you to see the amount of non-taxable sales you had, without turning off the Sales tax for every item.


When the weekend is over you can switch the original tax rate back on for those items.


I would suggest making sure you monitor the affects on your tax reporting to make sure the taxes are correctly assessing per item. 

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This year, Florida added two Sales Tax Holidays in which the first X number of dollars on certain items were tax free, but the remaining amount was fully taxable.  Fortunately, we did not have any qualifying items this year.  In the future, we may need the ability to adjust the taxable amount of an item.  Trust me, I find this to be an accounting nightmare.  


I would also appreciate a feature that allows me to pick and choose items that will be tax free during a certain date range, like how sales and promotions work.  


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