Tip tracking problems and suggestions

I am currently using the tip pooling and find that it doesn't meet my needs.


As owner, I often work and don't clock in and the tips that we earn during that period should belong to us. With tip pooling, it divides it amongst the hourly employees.


In addition, some employees are better at earning tips than others do. Not to mention, some individual employees can get a big tip from a customer that enjoys seeing them and they deserve all of that or should split it with whom they work with at the same time.


Another shortcoming I discovered was re-running payroll for an employee during a prior pay period, it automatically applied toward their payroll the full amount of tips for all employees during the pay period! I might have missed this if I was busy and not paying attention.


My suggestions are to make the software more intelligent. Employees clocked in should split the tips that they receive during the time they are clocked in. When no one is clocked in, it should give an option to re-assign those tips to other employees or else it goes to house since a lot of us work in our businesses and do not clock in.


The last problem regarding the payroll tips all being applied if you run an off cycle payroll is a bug that needs to be fixed in my opinion.

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Re: Tip tracking problems and suggestions

Hello @BradleyRefresh


Have you considered paying tips directly, rather than pooling? You can find the steps on this Support Center Article. 

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Re: Tip tracking problems and suggestions

Yes, thanks for the suggestion. But doesn't quite work for my scenario. I believe tips should be assigned to those working at the time of the tip, not just for those who take the order. There are many customers that just tip normally and it shouldn't just go to the person taking the order.

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