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Two “Locations” — One Inventory

I have a brick and mortar location and a separate location for my Consignment business with roughly 56 customers. Regardless of location, I have one pool of inventory from which each location accesses. 

For example, I have 100 Widgets total. The Brick & Mortar sells 10 of those Widgets and the Consignment “location” sells 30 of those 100 Widgets. At the end of the day, I want to look at my Inventory Report and see how many Widgets I still have. The number should be 60 Widgets in stock. However, when I look at my reports, I see separate totals for each location — 90 for the B&M and -30 for Consignment.


How do I get the Inventory Report to give me one total — 60 (100-10-30=60) — because both locations draw from the same pool of inventory?

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