Untrustworthy Customer Insights on our Cafe customers

One of the main reasons we opted to use Square for our new chain of cafes in Sydney was the promise of customer insights from the data that Square collects during each transaction.


Unfortunately, we are receiving eroneous information in the Daily Sales Summary Report email that Square sends at the end of everyday.


For example, we would expect to know (based on card use) how many customers are "new" and how many customers are "returning". Everyday, we can see how many unique transactions there are. Yesterday, we had 60. However, in the Daily Sales Summary Report email we are told that only 3 customers were served and that of these 3, none of them were new. Obviously this information is incorrect.


The report provided is useless and is incorrect everyday. Therefore we have no insights really from Square that tell us who are customers are.


Can anyone help get this corrected?



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Hey there @willsandburke, while the email content may be incorrect you can check here for more accurate data: https://squareup.com/dashboard/sales/reports/ 


Hope this can help, if it does please mark it as best answer to help others in the future!

Matt - He/They
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thanks Matt.


No, this doesn't report that kind of information either.

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Hi @willsandburke!


I do agree that those daily summary emails can get a little weird with the customer reports. Not sure why myself.


 The link @MJDPhotography is a good one for sales reports, that's for sure (I spend waaaay too long there number crunching!), but the customer counts are in a different spot. To get an accurate read on customers, you can get to a report on your dashboard's home screen. Look at the Last 30 Days section on the right side. If you click on Customers, you'll be taken to a report showing a customer breakdown. That number has the correct counts (at least for me it does). You can also get to this report by going to Customers -> Insights. Definitely look at the data over a span of days to get the bar graphs to work right though. Hovering over any date will give you a popup with counts and dollars spent.


Hopefully this gets you what you need!

Ryan Wanner
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Hi Ryan,


Thanks for this, however the data it gives me in terms of customer numbers (new vs existing) is incorrect - it reports lower numbers than actuals.



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Hi @willsandburke,


Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear you're having trouble with your reports!

While we're not able to dive deeper into your account, and reports, via the Seller Community, this is something our support team can look into with you. Please reach out to our support team on 1800 760 137 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm AEST) for further assistance. 

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Hi Arie,


Unfortunately your support team were unable to help - they were my first port of call. In the end they suggested I jump on the community which I thought was rather odd, but I did so anyway.


It seems we've ended up on a circular journey - not great from a customer experience perspective as I'm sure you'd agree. I've been providing valuable feeback and insights from a customer standpoint and none of this seems to be taken seriously nor appreciated.



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