View All Transactions permission does not work in Point of Sale or Retail apps

We want to limit employee access to the "Transactions" area of the Point of Sale app. 


We modified the "Team Permissions" role to only provide access to "Cancel Transactions" and "Delete or Void Saved Items in Open Tickets". Nothing else is checked. "View All Transactions" is not checked. 


We created a user and gave them the "Team Permissions" role.


We signed into the app and turned on passcodes. 


The app correctly requires a passcode to access "Settings" or "Reports" or other sensitive areas. However, it does not require a passcode to access "Transactions".


We want to require a passcode to access "Transactions" in the Point of Sale app. We do not want employees to see this part of the app.


How do we make that happen?


Why isn't the "View All Transactions" permission working correctly?


We tried this in the Point of Sale and the Retail app - it doesn't work in either place. We can view all transactions without a passcode.


Any ideas?

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Re: View All Transactions permission does not work in Point of Sale or Retail apps

Hey! Thanks for posting and I'm so sorry to hear you are having trouble with the permissions for your team management. We definitely have some troubleshooting we can try, but I do want to say that if your employees are using a shared point of sale (it sounds like they are if they are using a Passcode), then they will always be able to see the 8 most recent transactions without a passcode. This is in place so that they can check to make sure a transaction was successful before letting a customer walk out the door.


If you are seeing more than 8 transactions without a passcode, check to make sure the employee's initials are in the bottom right of the screen... it could be possible they are logged in as someone else. If those things are checked, let me know and we can certainly take a closer look!


Thanks again. 🙂

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