What products are allowed in Square's early access CBD Program?

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I'm in a professional forum where we are discussing whether our Square accounts will be terminated for retailing commercially available CBD products such as the balms from CBDclinic.co or ingestible oils such as https://realscientifichempoil.com/ . 


To my knowledge these products contain no THC which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, and are therefore legal. Can you please advise us on the matter?

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Update (10/3/19):

Good news, folks! We're launching an early access program to support the sale of some CBD products! 🎉


Generally speaking, sellers in the program can accept payments and carry items that meet the following requirements:


  • Hemp and hemp-derived CBD products that have less than 0.3% THC in all states excluding Idaho and South Dakota. Payment acceptance is for the US only at this time.
  • No marijuana or marijuana derived products; products that contain more than 0.3% THC, illegal drugs and products that otherwise violate Square’s Payment Terms.
  • No hemp flower.
  • Included items cannot make health claims.


For more details on eligibility, head over to this resource in our Support Center: Accepting Payments for CBD in Square Early Access Program.


👉 To complete an application form and request an invite to join, go to to www.squareup.com/solutions/cbd, then click Get Started👈


Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on this endeavor! We're excited to help our sellers by offering a reliable solution for CBD sales.

Tom [he/him]
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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Hi @jfarm


Thanks for posting!


All items that fall under that category are prohibited in our Terms of Service as mentioned in the Best Answer of this thread. 


If this changes, we'll definitely announce it, so keep an eye out for any news in the future. 



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That doesn’t answer why you guys are allowing some and not others?  


So again, Why are you allowing some and not others? 



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No business is permitted to sell CBD products using Square Point of Sale. There are no exceptions to the rule, if we find out a business is selling CBD products their account will be deactivated.


If you know a business that sells CBD products, that just means our Compliance Team hasn't deactivated their account yet. 

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Thanks for checking in @vistasign and @barkshopbakery! Square is still currently unable to support the sale of these products. If this changes in future we'll let everyone here know.


Seller Community Manager, Square

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It is officially legal all 50 states half both house and Congress set into law It's About Time Square gets on board and allows us to process and not use expensive processing you're losing out on a lot of business for no reason at all it is totally legal I sent a copy of the new law

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@vistasign, The Farm Bill 2019 isn't law yet, the President still has to sign the Farm Bill into Law and likely will in the coming weeks.  I'm sure Square will monitor the situation as it changes and then decide if they will change their position.  They can choose to support or ban items as they see fit, see their stand on the 2nd amendment and no gun or ammunition sales thru Square which causes quite a bit of controversy itself, but a company can make decisions it deems in its users best interest.  I would assume it will change in time as CBD is fairly accepted without controversy but you never know. it wasn't possible, and still isn't yet, to accept payments for a federally illegal item so it isn't that they are behind the times.

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I'm still not selling my stock in square I believe in this company and I believe they'll do the right thing and sooner than later

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Will Square allow the sale of complying CBD products with the passing of the farm bill? 

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CBD is still on the items that can't be sold thru Square list.  The bill has only passed the Senate and still has to pass the House before anything can change.  It will definitely help once there is a federal law instead of random state laws approving it.

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A new law just passed in Congress making it legal to take cc payments for CBD. When will Square comply? https://www.consumerreports.org/marijuana/will-new-farm-bill-make-cbd-legal-everywhere/

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CBD/Hemp oil is currently not allowed to be sold via Square.  This could change with the 2019 Farm Bill that has passed the House and Senate But isn't law yet as it is soon to be signed by the President but for now, you can't.  I'm sure Square will be keeping abreast of the changes in the Federal Law and may decide to change their TOS in the future.  If they do they will definitely make an announcement.

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I haven't seen Square chiming in on any of the CBD questions, BUT I have been told BY SQUARE they are allowing accounts with CBD sales but you have to get on a special list that takes 6 weeks to process. I'm two week in on the waiting list so that is all I know. If anyone from Square is reading this please answer one question...I have been told by a competing merchant processor that you will only allow those who exceed $10K in sales per month. I'm a new start up; while that would be awesome. I can't bank on it. It would be awesome to know if that is accurate information so I don't waste the next 4 weeks waiting on an answer. Please reply. 

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Wow, that would be horrible. I am a start up too, I have all my local resale permits, 2 business licenses, an LLC but I am new, I am certain my CBD income will do very well but not until I can accept online payments, otherwise, it's cash only and home delivery is a pain. I am hoping you were misinformed, $10k sounds like the threshold for the big guys who really don't need help getting off the ground. I am hoping this doesn't turn into an industry only open to Big Dogs. 

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Now that the new Farm Bill has been signed into law, have there been any revisions to Square's TOS regarding hemp-based CBD oils? Thanks.

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Hello @Health_Wyze


No changes yet. If there are we will make an announcement. 

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If CBD is not federally illegal will this change the rules for Square?  Also I need to know if this will reverse past issues with CBD accounts that got canceled due to CBD?  I have another store, a dog store, that got cancelled due to CBD oil treats.  I wanted to know if the new federal law would allow for the other store to be reinstated.


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CBD is legal.

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Will this change now that Hemp is now legal in all 50 States and the banking is changing on hemp because of the farm bill that just got signed this week.

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Still no update? 

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Will square update it’s Tos to allow the sale of CBD now? 

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