Will Square recognize a variable-weight barcode label printed by a CAS-1000 scale?

I have a specialty food shop and we sell cheese by weight. We've been weighing individual pieces and then entering items into Square POS in hundredth of a pound units (i.e., if something is $20/lb, we set the price as $0.20 each and enter 50 units for .50 pound sold). This is time consuming, and I'd like to get a label-printing scale that I can program with item weights and print barcode labels. 


But when I scan those labels, will Square recognize info about the item and the weight? I need to be able to keep track of inventory sold, so if scanning won't work then it's not worth investing in the scale.

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Hello @millcitycheese! 🧀  


Currently Square Point of Sale is not compatible with any variable-weight barcode scales. This is a popular feature request I would love to see implemented; I like to visit my local farmers market every weekend. I will make sure to flag your post so our Point of Sale product team can take a look! 


I think you currently have a good system for pricing items by weight, I'll make sure to point other Sellers looking for a workaround to your post! 


Also, If I hear any movement on this feature request I will make a post in this thread. 


If you have any other questions let me know! I would be happy to help out! 

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I assume there hasn't been any development on this feature...?

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Hey @millcitycheese - Unfortunately, no news to share on this front. However, we'll make sure to announce it if there are any updates as soon as we hear of any.

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What about now? I own a seafood market and use square and really need to be able to print from my variable scale made by Mettler Toledo and scan it to an invoice for a customer. Ive been asking this question for over 4 years. When is it happening? PayPal and Clover have both started doing this, so the technology is there. Let me know, as I may have to make a switch and and let others know as well. Its only fair to the large number of square customers that need this requirement and not just want it.

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The problem is that we expect from Square to be  POS system,   and they are more CC processor with lite   POS  options.

We expect too much for free, Clover has way more options but with fee.

I love Square (over 5 years in use) and I would pay for some of the options other have.

Don’t expect answer that something will be integrated because you will receive just generic answer that some team will look into that.

If something simple as variable barcode is on hold for years it probably won’t be option.


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Look, I don't mind to spend a buck on this, let other apps in which can handle this then. 


There are many of us who need those features. If Square is to big to see user needs maybe it's time to move on. Surely not yo Clover though. That thing is crap as is

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Deli Label has been the answer at our market. https://www.delilabel.app

Communicates beautifully with Square and was purpose-built for this issue.

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I have wanted this integration for a very long time. We used to use the same method of pricing per common integer (/gram/ounce/etc), but the reporting was too ridiculous for us to maintain... Clover has a separate app that will parse a unique barcode for weight items and integrate with your POS. Last time I looked, it was an extra $10/$20 a month to use. 


We've opted for a solution that works outside Square Software.

I'll create a unique set of digits based on the individual item from an inventory spreadsheet... All I really need is the wholesale price, the retail price, and a unit of measure for each item. I'll reserve 5 digits for each price point... If the wholesale price of an item is $5.50/lb. and the retail price is $10,99/lb. then the first 10 digits would be 0055001099. If the product is sold by the individual unit (each)... I'll add the number 11 to the beginning, and if it's sold by weight, I'll add the number 22 to the beginning. So that example would look like this: 220055001099


Put that number in your product's description field (I use it as an SKU... But that's a whole other story), and for items that are sold by weight, make sure to leave the price field blank, so that you enter a custom price when scanning the item's barcode. Now when you sell that product, you can import a sales report into your own spreadsheet that deconstructs that number by looking at the first 2 digits to determine if its sold by weight or not, then multiplying/dividing the appropriate values by the quantities sold. Until Square allows for a decimal in the quantity of an item sold, I really couldn't think of another way to do it.

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Can I scan a barcode with a weight 

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Hey @Benbullen4380!


If you have items that have barcodes and the unit measurement of weight, they will still be scannable. Is that what you're asking? 

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Yes that’s correct that’s what we are asking 


if this is possible would you be able to send us step us through how to make this work 


thanks a lot 

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I really need the veritable weight bar code scanning as well. I have a scale that prints the label with the SKU as well as the price in the barcode. 


Currently, I have a chart on the wall with all the item barcodes, I have the prices set to /kg. once I scan an item from the chart, I manually enter the weight printed on the label into square. But this is very time consuming.

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Has there been development on scanning barcodes with the variable price included in the barcode? We have a scale that prints both the calculated price in the barcode and really need the ability to scan this with the square POS. 

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@SJBreakaway Thanks for asking! No developments as of yet, unfortunately. We will be sure to post any updates in the community once we have them. 

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@AshleyK any ETA on when this feature will become available? It's a critical feature requested by many members of this community for quite some time. Almost all competitors to square have this feature for a while. 



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We are a Butcher Shop, Italian Deli and Specialty Market and we have the same issue with weighted foods. We use CAS LP-1000 scales and it would be a great help to us and our customers to be able to scan the weight tags. Currently we have to use the keypad to punch in the pricing quickly. This causes the receipts to read "Custom Amount" which is not beneficial to anyone. I have requested this option previously. We hope this gets serious consideration. Thank You.


@Kassi_ This is a topic we have been in contact about. Selling by the Pound.

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@ViolantesMeat Here is a solution that I was a part of developing because of my business needs (we sell many things by weight and needed a solution to support it) . It will be released to the public in the next few days. It not only prints a price-embedded barcode that can be scanned at the Square POS, it also syncs with your Square catalog. This is much easier than maintaining a separate database in a stand-alone scales. You can learn more here: www.delilabel.app  Scanning the barcodes in only supported on the iPad Point-of-Sale app. The Square for Retail app and Square Register do not yet support this.

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From what I am understanding, this article suggests that it should be available but I have tried setting it up and cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong and according to this thread it's not an available feature... 




Please advise

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@SJBreakaway Which Square app are you using? I am using this successfully with the Point-of-Sale app on an iPad. It does not work on the Square Register, even though the article states it should. 

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Square POS - going to try to reformat our barcode

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