customer cancelled transaction at sign page

Customer cancelled credit card transaction at sign page and fraudulent entered as cash transaction.  Is their a way to go back and charge recharge the credit card since it was previously authorized?

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Sorry to hear that this happened to you. 
Unfortunately there isn't a way for Square to go back and charge a customer on your behalf, as we do not save the card information to charge retroactively. 


The only way to charge this customer would be to somehow get in contact with them. 

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So the customer closed out of the signature screen, went back to the order, and cashed it out? That's crazy! I guess you have to double check that a receipt says it was charged to the credit card if they have access to the screen long enough to do all that. I tend to watch the screen as best I can with it turned the other direction, though mainly because our customers often struggle with signing so it shows up (i.e. not using their fingernail) and with finding the Done Signing button which seems conviently located to me but confuses many a customer for some reason.

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I had a transaction today in which the customer signed and I thought it was complete. They walked away with their merchandise, and then a notification came up that the transaction was incomplete. When I checked the “transaction” tab, it’s listed in the records, but it says the transaction was cancelled. I never cancelled it, and have no way to contact the customer. Can this be reversed?
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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Fickleforge,


I moved your post to a relevant thread in the Community about cancelled transactions.


It sounds like your customer cancelled or x'd out of the payment screen when it was presented to them unfortunately.


@EJ_ 's post details more about this above. Really sorry to hear this happened to you. 

Ashley C
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This happened to me too. The customer acts like they are signing, but they hit the cancel button at the top of the screen and then walk out. Can the cancel button be removed?

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Hello @lepetitchev,


Sorry to hear this has occurred to you any anyone else. 😔. On a happier note, I am glad to see you posting in the Seller Community for the first time, welcome ☺️.


At this time, there is not a way to disable this feature. However, it is a great suggestion I can bring up to our product team!  


Do you use the Square stand?


I look forward to reading your reply. 😊

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i have signature required turned off; do you think this by-pass would also happen in this situation?

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