how to choose and login into two separate square accounts

Hi, I am setting up a photography business in Square. I will sell direct, and also have my work sold through 3rd parties, which are storefronts through local merchants.


I have a home base location which inventory items are stored as they are built. All inventory will start here. Think of this as a warehouse. As remote sales locations are determined, a means of collecting payments and deducting items is required. Inventory items will be moved from the home location to the remote locations as the stock is physically moved. As each item is sold, it is deducted from the remote inventory and payment is collected and entered via credit card, or cash. The merchant at the remote location will either use a square reader that I provide to them or one that they already possess. Multiple sales people at an unique physical location will use a single location, and probably a single reader, but I don't need reporting down to the person, only to the physical location. The seller should be able to pull up the register, stick in the reader, and collect a payment at any time of the day. There is no need for an unique business profile for each location as each physical location is an extension of the home business, and is simply there to sell product items and collect/submit payment. Locations are generic, and reporting information is based on the information for that location. I would rather not have any information change from location to location, other than the means to distinguish them for reporting purposes.


A few questions:


Is the register and the POS the same thing?


When setting up the location - what is the information used for? For example, should the email, phone, and website be from the master account or the local physical location? (leaning towards mobile). Another form of this question is Does each location require a unique email address/password?


What is the difference in using a physical location vs mobile - I don't care about address information, just need to distinguish it from other locations for sales and inventory purposes


Can I reuse a location? How would I do that?


In cases where the local merchant is already using square and has an account, how do they swap over to my account. I understand they need to use a different email/password combination, but where does that come from? It would seem they would use their personal email for the first account.


Thanks for your help, Ken

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Hi @Zeeboman


Welcome to the Seller Community and thanks for posting!


Square Point of Sale was previously known as Square Register. Same app, just renamed. 


It sounds like Locations would work perfect for what you're trying to do, as each location will have it's own specific reports under the master account. 


When a person signs in to the Square account, they'll be prompted to choose a location depending on which locations your employees are tied to. You can choose to give them an individual log in, or use a universal log in for all mobile cashiers. This is more related to Employee Management than location management. Some sellers prefer to create employee log ins as to avoid having to give out the main account log in information. 


The information that you provide about each business location would be customer facing on your customer receipts. It's your choice whether or not you want to list the main account information or location specific information, but it's good to remember that this information will be used when customers need to contact you about their purchase. 


Selecting to list a physical location would reflect the business location on the map portion of your customer receipts as opposed to selecting the business to be mobile, which would cause the location of the payment to be reflected on the receipts instead. This doesn't impact the inventory and reporting of the location accounts. 


As far as swapping accounts, unfortunately the only way to do this would be to sign out and sign back in, then choose the location you're wanting to accept sales from. 


I know that was a lot of information to digest, so let me know if you need more clarification or have additional questions! 

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Thanks EJ. This has been very helpful. A few clarification


1.can each location require a unique email address/password?  

2. Is there a way to direct the user to automatically open the location assigned to them, rather than having them choose the location?

3. Can I reuse a location? How would I do that?

4. In regards to a merchant swapping from one account to another, does this mean it would be necessary for them to provide 2 email/password combinations to choose and swap back and forth between accounts?


Thanks again for your help


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@Zeeboman Each location you create would be a sub-account of the main account. You'd sign in with the main account email address and password and then choose which location you'll be taking payments for. 


What you can do is create employee accounts using the Employee Management features and set them up to be able to log in with their own email address and password. You can also set these accounts up to only be able to accept payments at specific locations. 


You can reactivate or deactivate locations at any time from your Square Dashboard Locations Tab. 


They would only need to know the email address and password for the accounts that they'd take payments at. 


You could even create just one universal employee account for everyone to use, and they would log in and choose the location they're taking payments for. 

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