iPod touch Fifth Generation and 2019 Square Reader

I have an iPod touch running IOS 9.3.5, which cannot be updated, and a Square chip card reader that I purchased in 2019.  They were compatible in 2019 and seem to work together now, but I want to make sure.  I can log in and my Square charge entry page appears, and I can enter charge amounts, but I have not actually tried to complete a charge.  Do you think that I have to update to iPod touch running IOS 10.0 or later, or will my iPod touch Fifth Generation still work.  I do not have a smartphone, so I depend on my iPod touch for the connections to Square -- they worked fine in 2019!  Thanks.

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Hey @SmallTownGal19!


According to our Hardware Compatibility page, the iPod touch 5th gen is not compatible with our readers. However, the iPod 6th gen is. 


I would do a test transaction for $1 (you can refund afterward). If you haven't updated your iPod since the last time you used it with the reader, it's possible it'll still work.


Please let us know, as I'm curious too! 👩🏼‍💻

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