keep track of a fundraiser

We're gonna have a fundraiser soon, everyone who want to participate will show a particular coupon at the check out.

I need to keep track of the total sales of every transaction made by anyone who show the coupon in order to give back 20% to the no-profit organization.

How can I do that?

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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

Hi there. 


There are a few ways you can accomplish this! Will you be selling items or simply taking donations?


If you're only taking donations, you can create a variable-priced item for the coupon. When the coupon is presented, you can add the item to the sale and enter the donation amount that you'll be charging the customer to complete the payment. 


These will appear in your item sales report, which will allow you to easily calculate how many coupons were presented and how much you'll need to give back to the non-profit organization. 

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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

I am trying to do something similar, but will donate a percentage of sales for anyone that brings in a coupon, or mentions the charitable organization.  I need to track total sales of all transactions that supplied a coupon or mentioned the charitable organization so I can donate x% of that sale to the charitable organization.

Example:  If you mention team A, we will donate 10% of that sale to team A.


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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

That's the same we will do!


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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

In that instance you would use the same work-around mentioned by creating a variable priced item for each coupon or organization. 


You'll be able to view and calculate the sales for each organization/coupon through the item sales report. 

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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

I don't think I am explaining it well.  We do not want to take a donation from the customer.  The customer will pay regular price for all items purchased.  They will simply present a coupon or mention a team when they pay the full, regular price for their total purchase.   At the end of the day, we will add up the total sales for any customer presenting a coupon or mentioning the team, and we will donate x% of that total to a charity.  We (the store) are the ones donating, there is no impact to the customer, other than presenting a coupon or mentioning the team.    We can set a 0% discount to see how many sales, but how can we total the value of the sales?

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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

@TheCandyBarTN There isn't a specific report you can pull that can calculate this for you automatically, which is why I've suggested tagging these sales with a specific item sale added on to their purchase. The 0% discount would accomplish the same task. 


You would look at your transaction report and identify all of the sales that include the item or discount that identifies the mention of the team or discount and manually calculate the percent to donate. 


These are work-arounds that may or may not work well for what you're trying to do. It's all really based on how you want the sales to appear in your reports. 


Another way of doing this would be to create two separate sets of items for sale and categorize them as Donations and Non-Donations. 



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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

I can't seem to do a 0% discount... can you explain how to do this?


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Re: keep track of a fundraiser

Hey @sagganis — thanks for checking in here. At this time, the ability to offer a 0% discount is not available. So that I can share more details on your request and see if there are any other options — can you share a bit more information on what you're needing to do with this? I'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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