one person, two locations

I feel like i have done this in the past and i can't remember what i did.


i have a consultant who can offer appointments on Sunday from 10-4 EITHER in person OR as a web conference. i want the client to be able to decide how they receive service. the consultant is available during that whole time for either format. 


how would i set this up so that they can't be accidentatlly double-booked?


(i think i did something like create two employees, one for the web version and one for in-person, but i can't see how to make it so that double-booking can't happen there... maybe i'm remembering wrong.)


thank you!

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Re: one person, two locations

At this time, there isn't a booking tool that will allow clients to choose between a web conference and an in-person appointment, @katja. The best way to accomplish this booking flow is to title and describe the service according to how that service is received.


For example: Web Consultation could be the service name for a web-specific conference, and you could also offer a service titled In-Person Consultation for face-to-face appointments.


To avoid double-booking using this setup, you could change your Online Booking Preferences here within the Reservation Guarantee section. If you select Business must accept or decline all appointment requests, an appointment will not be scheduled until you have accepted. This way, you can prevent a staff member from being double-booked.

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Re: one person, two locations

great, thank you! i think i also need to create two versions of the service provider as well, am i correct? or can one service provider offer both and then just accept each appointment as it comes?

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