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I sell many different items on an as needed basis, too many to add to the item database.  Most are acquired only when ordered and I do not need to track inventory, just provide an accurate receipt.


I would like to have a custom item that would prompt for a description and a price.  I can find how to enter the price, but need the description prompt as a customer may order multiples at different price points and would like to know what they are paying for each item.  Is there a way to do this?

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Hello @PrepareToday247 !


As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to have items named on the fly--as you said, you can have a variable price but not a variable item name.


Here is your best workaround with this: I would create an item with the vaguest name as you can. For example, for me in the coffee world, I could create an item called Coffee and leave the price variable.


When you ring that item up, enter the price you want. Then, on the "tape" on the right side of the screen, tap on the item to bring up a customizer window. There is a notes section on this window. Anything you type in this notes section will show on the customer's electronic and printed receipts. Going back to my example, I'd ring up the coffee at $2.00. I'd then put into the notes "12oz drip". When it prints on the receipt it would look like:


Coffee                                   $2.00

     12oz drip


I recommend steering away from the Custom Amount button on the Point of Sale (although the notes trick above works with it) simply because if you decide to further track items for reporting later on there's no way to really track the custom amounts. And it's going to be a pain to break that habit with your team.


Hope this helps!

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These are items that I order/create specifically for a customer outside my normal offerings.  I may never sell another one, so I'm not tracking them, but I need to have a means to accept payment and track the sale.


As an example, I have accounts at restaurant suppliers.  Some of my customers have me pick up various bulk items for them.  I want to be able to generate a receipt and have the POS calculate tax due for me and track the sale.


I don't even need a name for the item, more like a comment for each one.  On the receipt it could print "Food Misc" with a comment area beneath where I could type something like "50# Gluten-Free Flour" and then manually enter the price.  It would print the comment where the variation name is.


Is there a way to have a Variation Name that is entered at the time of sale?

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@PrepareToday247  I think my advice above would be perfect for you. Just create the Food Misc item in your library, then type in the notes section the 50# GF flour. This will get you what you're looking for.


As an aside, how much are you selling that 50# bag of GF flour for? Do you ship to Colorado? 😉

Lots of good information in this community!
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Thanks so much for your advice.  I'm sure it will work.


Unfortunately, the flour was just an example.  The Gluten Free flour only comes in 25# bags. 😉 Also, most of my custom orders are for local pickup in Utah. 😁

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I re-read your answer and I think that will work.  I missed the part about the customizing section.  Didn't even know that existed.  🙄



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We do this often for the past six years for items that are one-of-a-kind.

We have an item that is set to $0.00 variable.  When we select this item, we add the description in the note for the item.  That description shows on the receipt as well as in my reporting for transactions.  It works very well.  

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