view report or list of returned items

I need to see a list of the items that were returned during a particular time period. I hired a once a week worker & there are a lot of returns during the months he worked. Returns are generally not allowed because I own a plant store. I, as the store owner, do about 5 returns a year. I need to see what he let people return. Thank you.

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Re: view report or list of returned items

Hey @GLG, you can view this information from the Transactions section of your online Square Dashboard:


  1. Sign in to your Dashboard and navigate to the Transactions section.
  2. Click the date selector to view this the timeframe this worker was employed.
  3. Click the All Type filter in the upper right and select Refunds (and select the locations you'd like to view if you have more than one.)
  4. You'll see a list of refunds processed > click Export to export the Item Detail CSV to your computer.



I hope this helps, if you have any other questions click Reply to le me know! 

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