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We are planning on using Square Android POS for an upcoming event.  The space provides for a secure wifi connection but requires a web browser to enter a username and password.  Is this possible with the Android POS version of Square, or do we need to switch back to the IPad version which allows us to log in via the captive portal.

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What do you mean by " Square Android POS"?  Just that the Square app is running on an Android tablet?  If so then you would just need to use the tablet to get onto the wifi.  once it is the Square app will have access to the internet.

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Square has its own POS app which boots directly into the app.  There isn't a home button to go back to the android OS to launch a browser.

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When you say, "Square has its own POS app which boots directly into the app" are you able to explain what you mean?


I understand you are wanting to use the Android version of the Square Point of Sale app, but it sounds like you are mentioning a second app in this sentence. I'm not quite sure I understand your desired set up, so any additional detail would be helpful!


When you say "captive portal" - what are you referring to - your online Square Dashboard? Or the login screen in-app?


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