Checkout link with ‘hidden’ items

I’m using the ‘hidden’ item feature to sell custom art to customers using the checkout link. This has seemed to work fine untill tonight a customer has said they have put the order in using the checkout link however I haven’t received any order notification.


Is there a way to check for failed orders or processing orders? I thought it was normally instant. Unless the customer hasn’t actually made the order properly. 

Also if I’m selling two items to a customer is the easiest way to create them an invoice ? Is there a way to create a checkout link for multiple items ?

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Hi @LJCwoodworks,


Thanks for writing in to the seller community! I noticed it's your first post, welcome 👋 🙂


Were you able to see this customer's payment in your transactions list


Currently, checkout links in your dashboard can only be created for one item at a time. If you're using the Square app, you can add multiple items to the checkout and select "Send Payment Link". Invoices would also be a great option here, as you customer can complete the payment via the invoice link, and you also receive a notification once an invoice has been paid. 


I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions. 

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Thank you Arie!

I appreciate your assistance.


nope - I don’t see any transaction for this customer. I think I will get in touch with them to see if they received any kind of receipt as they told me they definitely hit submit on the checkout. 

cheers for the multiple item checkout ideas - I’ll give that a shot. 

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Hmm, this sounds like they might not have completed the checkout process completely, @LJCwoodworks- let us know how you go after reaching out to your customer 😊

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Yep looks like they didn’t submit the initial checkout properly. Just re sent the checkout link and it’s come through instantly.

appreciate it Artie. 

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