Contactless and chip reader stopped working

A few weeks ago, my Square app suddenly stopped working on my Samsung Note 9 after an update. The error I got is:


"Device Not Supported

Rooted devices are not supported.  Please try another device or remove Root from this device"


I didn't root the device, and I got the Samsung guy checked and confirmed it is not rooted. Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Paypal here works fine on my phone, but just not Square.


I have also tried to reset the device back to factory settings, but didn't fix the problem.

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Re: Contactless and chip reader stopped working

Hey @einspan,


Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting your reader.


You're actually going to need to get in touch with our support team on 1800 760 137 for further assistance with this. Generally speaking, a mobile device will give you a "Rooted Device" error either if the device is rooted or Square is otherwise  detecting a non-secure enough operating environment for card payment processing.


Occasionally there can be issues connecting otherwise supported devices to Square due to the nature of the Android install on the device or the presence of any apps that have altered the Android OS in such a way that it no longer meets our security requirements for processing payments on Android.


Apologies I could not be of more help here!

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