Feature Request: Adding Afterpay to the Square Website as a payment option

We were looking at Afterpay for our square website online store and wondered if anyone knew if this was possible?

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Hey @Leadinveck,


Unfortunately there's no integration between Square Online and AfterPay at the moment. We are tracking feedback and feature requests for AfterPay and similar platforms, but don't have anything to announce at the moment.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help here!

Community Manager, Square
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any updates in the after pay or Zip Pay options for customers.  Our on-line store is now limited without this function.   we are starting to wish we went with Shopify OR ETSY


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Hey @hereifyouneedco,


I've moved your thread across to this one for tracking purposes and better visibility for our product team - AfterPay support isn't currently available, it's a feature request that we're tracking though. 

Community Manager, Square
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Just wanted to put my vote in for afterpay. We could really use it. 

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Also putting my vote in for afterpay/zip pay integration - would be a huge plus! 

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I will leaving square due to not having the integration of afterpay or sezzle!! I’ve been with square for 4 years and I really HATE to have to uproot my store but the time has come!  Either I uproot or continue to loss customers!! This is ridiculous all of the other platforms have some type of payment plan integration!!  

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I don't believe you need further tracking, as your 'customers' are your answer. So many requests and yet no answers. This is very disappointing!

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So true, 

Paypal is a paid extra as part of weebly, surely a mutual agreement could be forged between square and zip/afterpay. They are extremely popular platforms these days and another point of credibility for our stores. 

Hope this can change. 

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I thought Afterpay just pay square the full amount and then Afterpay deal with the follow up payments and make their money off that. 


It is sooo common here in Australia my store is losing business without it. The only reason I can think why it's not on square is pressure from banks?? 


Please add afterpay or zip pay or make your own!!! even better. Paypal have done it. 

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Has anyone had any feed back regarding future integration with Afterpay?

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Hey @JodieLeeDines,


I've moved your post to this thread where we're currently tracking AfterPay as a feature request.


I don't have any news on if or when AfterPay will be integrated with Square Online or Weebly, however I will update this thread if I hear anything further in the future.

Community Manager, Square
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It would be nice to be able to offer afterpay or sezzle to my customers. Square does not integrate with either one. I have a LOT of customers requesting one or the other and am considering moving to another platform that will integrate. Any idea if this will be offered anytime soon through Square?

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Don’t wait.  It’s not happening anytime soon.  I’ve already moved to Ecwid and wonder how many others have already jumped ship.  So many people have asked for this.  Square doesn’t seem to care how important it is.  They are just “tracking” requests, like it’s just some unimportant extra. Hopeless. 

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the more and more I get to know the square the more and more immature I realise it is. 


as we'd say in Australia "it's all **bleep** and wind". Great marketing, lacking the follow up. 


I look at Square for retail - cant even do a barcode stocktake/inventory. yet they claim the do "basic inventory management" knowing exactly what I have VIA way of stocktake is a very very basic thing for retail. 


Online, man there are so many things lacking, I couldn't even work out how to get a live chat feature to work (I have done this elsewhere with another platform). 


Everything seems to be the absolute bare minimum including EXTREMELY valuable things like buy now pay later etc. It's a shame, square could be great, but just isn't and wont be without significant time and development. 


They're literally nearly a decade behind their competition in most aspects of integration and online. 

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Its would be totally awesome with square, can connect with Sizzle. I do have some customers asking about this.. maybe if y'all can work on something like this maybe more people can connect with y'all.. its a great system with small business just like mine.


 Thank you 


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I have TONS of customers that want me to have these kind of opens and I applied for both and both said that Square\Weebly doesn't integrate with them. But that I should write and see if you would consider doing this. Please please tell me you will offer this soon as I love weebly but if they have no intention of collaborating with some kind of after pay options I will be forced to move everything over to a different wen platform due the high demand for this option. 😩
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I don't understand why AFTERPAY/SEZZLE/QUADPAY/KLARNA etc are not compatible with this platform. I understand that square attempted square financing but these companies I've listed allow our business to reach new heights. It is in Square's best interest to contact these companies to work with them in allowing this service to Square customers. If I don't see an effort to change this by the end of March, I will be working on a new e-commerce website (most likely shopify) so that I can enjoy this as well as the apps which also seem to be lacking on Square. I'm sure many others have done the same. I hate having to make a decision like this but this is apparently a popular issue that has carried on for at least a year. 

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I agree! WE NEED THIS!!! COVID or not - my customers like this option! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this integration of these programs be added ASAP!!!!!!

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Any word on installment payments for customers? I know square took it away due to COVID. Sezzle and afterpay is available through other pos systems. I’m really thinking of changing. 

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Strengthdignity and welcome to the Community.


I moved your post to a thread where this question has been answered already.

Check out the Best Answer above for details. 


In the future, don't hesitate to search your question first here or on the Support Center for your quickest answer too!

Ashley C
Community Moderator, Square
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We recently began offering a third party financing company as a way for customers to purchase items. We need to be able to show the sale in Square to keep track of COGS and other reports.  The only payment tender set up right now is credit card and cash sales.   How do we enter these sales in Square Point of Sale. 

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I'd just like to add my vote...please look at afterpay integration! Right now I have some convoluted stuff happening with ecwid and square, i would love to shift my whole e-store over to Square, as your interface looks very appealing and I would love to have one less thing to manage. There's a lot of double work happening right now!

Loving all the new stuff coming in Square, its looking very exciting around here!

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