Feature Request: Adding Afterpay to the Square Website as a payment option

We were looking at Afterpay for our square website online store and wondered if anyone knew if this was possible?

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@jhughe @Handpoked I totally understand the frustration here - having read and responded to dozens of comments such as yours over a long period of time, I'm aware of the impact that a lack of Afterpay support has on Square Online sellers who value having it as a payment method.


You won't currently find a bigger internal advocate for Afterpay support at Square than myself, and the feedback and comments we see on our Seller Community are something I regularly pass on to internal teams. I wish I was able to say Afterpay is in the works for Square Online, however my impression is that it is not. While that may change in the future, I'm not aware of any current plans. The closest thing we're likely to see in the future is an improved ability for 3rd parties to build integrations with Square Online - however I'm uncertain to what extent this may enable any particular BNPL app to connect with Square Online, and don't have any ETAs or timeframes.


If not having the ability to take Afterpay payments via your website is a deal breaker, the best advice I can offer is that Square Online probably isn't the best web store platform for your business. I don't like having to recommend against using Square Online, however in this scenario I don't want to give an impression that Afterpay support may be on the way and keep sellers hanging on in the hope that it may.


Conversely, support for in person card payments made via Square's contactless card readers is a more likely scenario. Square Australia is currently exploring ways we may be able to leverage the new Afterpay Mastercard for payments made in person via our various point of sale apps. I am hopeful of having more to share on this soon.


Sorry I can't bring you better news here, however I hope that this information helps inform the decisions you need to make as business owners.





Community Manager, Square
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Hey @Leadinveck,


Unfortunately there's no integration between Square Online and AfterPay at the moment. We are tracking feedback and feature requests for AfterPay and similar platforms, but don't have anything to announce at the moment.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help here!

Community Manager, Square
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Any update on this?  Afterpay is needed for small businesses and I really wanted to use square fo my online store. 

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Hey @renmishele,


No updates at the moment unfortunately. While we're still tracking feedback on demand here, we don't have any news to share regarding AfterPay integration.


If this changes in the future I'll make sure to alert everyone in this thread!

Community Manager, Square
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Hey @Seamus.  Just wondering if this is the same for ZipPay?  I really need to get it setup with my online shop, but will have to change providers if I cant set it up with Square.

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Hey @JenC,


At the moment there aren't any "buy now pay later" apps available with Square Online Store. Sorry we couldn't be of more help here!

Community Manager, Square
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Any update? this would take square to the next level! 

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No update at the moment @terrariumstudio - I'm not sure if we'll see AfterPay support in the short term, but I'll continue to track community feedback and pass it on to our product teams!

Community Manager, Square
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Hi! I checked the dates of the above convo about square and AfterPay and it was a while back and I’m wondering if there has been any change? I am soooo desperate to be able to offer afterpay. After investing in the full square stand and the time spent learning and building the POS for instore and our website it was just so heartbreaking to learn I can’t offer any kind of instalment payments like a lot of my competitors. I had no idea before committing to square that this wouldn’t be an option. It just seemed like such a given that I didn’t check and now I’m kicking myself for going with square and missing out on so much chance for business growth. Please tell me there has been a change and it’s coming soon? So sad to go back to the beginning with another system after getting square operational for instore and online

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As of now, no. I wish I had the opposite answer but it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon. Unless they just haven't announced it. 

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Hey @Corinne1,


Thanks for getting in touch and providing feedback on your experience.


As of now I'm not aware of any plans Square has to integrate Afterpay or BNPL support in to Square online - though I agree that something that would be immensely beneficial to our sellers and is increasingly becoming an expectation for businesses. I'll continue to pass on feedback in this thread.


If you're looking to use Afterpay on a Square Reader using Square Point of Sale, I have heard that Afterpay can help get this running through a workaround they have on their end via doing some test transactions with their support team. This is a non official integration but I have heard it's worked for some sellers.





Community Manager, Square
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Just putting my vote in for afterpay or any payment installment app to be honest. This function is core to remaining competitive.

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Is there any update on integrating after pay or sezzle with weebly/square? This has been a hindrance this holiday season. It is really an inconvenience to not be an option. I am looking at moving to shopify for this very reason.

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Any update on after pay and zip pay being added??? putting my vote in 🙂

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I agree, we need this now.

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You really need to look at introducing Afterpay, as many of us retailers who are with square are missing out on sales because we done have it. I am losing sales everyday because my customers wanted to be able to repay for their items and the Xmas period was not that great for small businesses like myself as I lost out to the bigger retail companies.


I have been approved to use Afterpay and may have to move my business to another platform that do integrate Afterpay, like shopify. 


Please move on this quickly and this is the way business is heading, and I believe you will lose out as your customers will "jump ship" if you can't give them what they need.

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This thread has been around for almost a year.  When will there be a buy now, pay later option since square installments is gone.  This is a MANDATORY feature for any retailer to stay competitive especially since larger companies have it.  

I feel like there are so many things that square could do it improve the POS and online sales system.  Shopify has soo many amazing integrations and I feel like we are asking for the bare minimum with features.  If square was anything like Shopify so many more people would use it.

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Unfortunately, by the time you all realize and catch the times it will be too late. Coach, Carters, and other major retailers have instituted a buy now/pay later option. Small businesses that are using Weebly/Square are losing out. You all keep tracking but have done nothing, just like the Apple pay issue. 

I'm in the US and this is a hindrance.

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Registering my interest for such services to be included in the Square website options 😉

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Hello! Just wanting tonknow if there is any update on this? Afterpay is more than necessary for the online platform! I think I can say that one behalf of almost every single user! 

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@NicholasP @VintageSupplies No update at the moment unfortunately - Afterpay isn't in our product development pipeline at the moment, however I'm aware this is a much sought after feature (especially in Australia!) and I'll continue passing feedback from this thread on to our product team. 

Community Manager, Square
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