Items variants are correct on Square but not Facebook?

So I have a square store, with items and item variants set properly.


But Facebook isn't receiving it properly and will display an item fine if its a single item with no variants, but as soon as I add more than one variant to an item, Facebook pulls the title and information of one of the random variants instead of the item itself.



Sell a hoodie with no variants = Facebook displays 'Hoodie'

Sell a hoodie with S,M and Large variants = Facebook ONLY displays ' Hoodie - Large'


Facebook support tells me there is no variant details (obviously there are because Facebook is cherry-picking one variant and advertising that instead of the item as a whole), but square support has said my shop is set up correctly.


Any help would be appreciated, maybe I'm overlooking something small. I'd rather Facebook not display any variations than one random size of items and only that size.




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Hey @StanceRoyalty,


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I don't have any personal experience using this integration, however I did manage to find documentation of a similar issue on our US Seller Community. The suggestion here is that it's a common issue with Facebook and that it will choose the last edited item. 


Are the other variations still available on Facebook, but all sitting under the one listed variation?

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No, I have no variation option on Facebook at all.


Facebook will only advertise a single item variation as the entire item with no option to change variation .


It's like Facebook thinks I only have (for example 'Shirt - Large') a single item for sale in one size only (not as a variation, but the name of the item), whereas it's set up properly on Square with size variations and the option to choose whatever size is available .

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@StanceRoyalty I recommend filing a ticket with Facebook and Square to see if there is any further advice either support team may be able to offer. These issues can be very tricky to resolve as often there's something that may need to be changed on the FB end and we simply don't have insight into how that all works, or your back end Facebook settings.


Something I do sometimes see suggested as a sort of catch all thing to try is to disconnect and reconnect the integration again. It's unfortunately not guaranteed to help, but it something you could try if you've not already.


Sorry I can't be of more help here!

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I am currently in the process, the square support team was great! Answered my questions and checked my shop layout themselves and confirmed it was all set up correctly.


Facebook on the other hand just keeps replying with generic answers and links to help pages that don't help hahah, but will update on any progress!


Thanks for your help mate 🙂

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