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Our customers currently don't receive a text message or an email when the order is marked as completed. Can you please confirm if this option is available on Square and how to manage it?

This is a very critical phase of the delivery process that is generating several confusion.

Thank you.

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Hey @sweetdreamsfrr,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! 


It looks like at the moment when an order has been confirmed an SMS is sent to confirm the delivery window, so you'll know the general delivery timeframe and to listen out for a knock/doorbell if you're home.


An SMS doesn't appear to be sent to specifically let your customers know that a delivery has been dropped off as/just after it occurs.


I'd be happy to pass your feedback on to our product team, but before I do can you let me know more about how this feature would benefit your business and what your situation currently is? Are you finding customers are getting confused or otherwise not remembering their delivery window? That will help me present an example of the benefit when sharing the feedback.


Thank you 🙂

Community Manager, Australia, Square
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Hi Seamus, thanks for your answer.

As we do most of the time no-contact deliveries, we leave the order in reception lobbies or front of doors. A SMS and email sent automatically when we have dropped off the order would be great to indicate to the customer that his/her order has been delivered. So it avoids confusion and covers us as well in case the customer hasn't collected his/her order on time.

It happened to us a few times that the customer gave us the wrong phone number at checkout and then didn't received notifications on time. So sending an email + sms once order is delivered would clarify the situation straightaway for everyone.

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Thanks for providing this extra info, @sweetdreamsfrr - this makes sense, and I can see how useful this would be to make deliveries easier. 

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