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Hello wanting to know if square is compatible with the new AFTER PAY CARD 

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Hi @nia-pasha,


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Square doesn't integrate with AfterPay at the moment. While we don't have a time frame for AfterPay card acceptance, it's currently a feature request. We're hoping to support this in the future! 


In the meantime, we'd suggest reaching out to AfterPay directly to express interest in accepting their new card with Square. 



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Afterpay is now supporting Square in store via their card feature. The rollout has been a joke, but from what I hear from other sellers, it now seems to be working well (we haven’t had someone try to pay with it since we did the last step in their onboard process). 

What I will say though, is I was trying to understand the fee structure as soon as Afterpay announced this support. Because it baffled me how they were doing this without support of payment processors (ie Square in this instance). Afterpay has not been transparent with any of this information of course, but one of our friends who uses Square and Afterpay in their business has noticed that Afterpay Card is costing Afterpay’s trans fee % + Square’s trans fee. This is ridiculous if you ask me, for us this eats into a large chunk of our sale and we’re now seriously reconsidering supporting Afterpay at all after finding this out. 

We’re really hanging out for PayPal’s Pay in 4 solution because this will be 2.2% + Square’s fee, which is basically half of Afterpay + Square!


Also, this is not limited to Square. I can almost guarantee Afterpay will be doing this with all transaction processors (ie Tyro, eftpos etc). So whilst this integration may seem convenient, it comes at a high price. We’re just sticking to not supporting Afterpay Card for now and doing it old school through the merchant portal manually to avoid the extra fee. At least until the PayPal solution arrives anyway.

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When customers do use their afterpay card or zip card to pay in store via square terminal, how does the funds get paid to the business? How does square know how to transfer those payments via afterpay or zip to the business?

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@VanityHouse at the moment we don't have an official integration with Afterpay or Zip Pay. We hope to implement Afterpay support across our product range in 2022 once Square's planned acquisition of Afterpay is finalised, and we'll have more to share on how that will work at a later date.


Some sellers have reported Afterpay being able to add support for Afterpay card with Square readers, though this is done via a workaround on their end. If you can get this working, on the Square end there's no difference between taking a payment with a regular credit card - Square will take its fee then deposit the remaining amount into your linked bank account. Note that you'll still be subject to your regular fee arrangement with Afterpay.

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