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We receive Online Order Alerts on the Square Tablet, but there is no Sound. We can totally miss it if we don't have an eye on the Tablet. Is there an option to add/activate the Sound for these Alerts?

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Square Community Moderator

I hear ya, @Ciboulette and you're definitely not the only one asking for this. Unfortunately, there's no setting to enable sound notifications for online orders. This is a feature request we're continuously tracking and will update you here if anything changes. 


For now, you might be interested in enabling Remote Order Printing so order tickets automatically prints to your kitchen whenever an online order comes through.



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This is a real failure and problem if you have no idea an order came in.  I own a food truck we do not sit and stare at the screen all day.  No, we do not print tickets.  How hard is it to have a sound that is persistent until you acknowledge it?


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Yes, I completely agree.  I would add that the notification sound be persistent (which you can setup in the settings) until acknowledged but also loud enough that you can easily hear it.  If POS iPad can’t go loud enough make notification sound compatible with Bluetooth so you could add a speaker.  When you have ovens and exhaust fans going in the kitchen you need it to be loud.

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