Introducing Square Champions: Learn about our new and improved Square advocacy program ‌🎉‌

We’re thrilled to introduce our updated Square advocacy program, Square Champions. This is a rebranding of our esteemed Super Seller program. From today, we are updating the program to become Square Champions. Learn what’s new, the benefits of joining the program, and how to get involved! 


Note: Square Champions will only be available in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.



Since its inception in 2016, the Super Seller program has been a cornerstone of our Seller Community, comprising of valuable members who have loyally advocated for Square.


With the launch of Square Champions, we aim to recognize and celebrate the efforts of these exceptional individuals who have been instrumental in shaping our community and championing our brand. Our program evolution reflects our commitment to empowering and honoring the dedication of our most passionate Square users. 


Square Champions: New categories


Square Champions will encompass three distinct categories:




🌟 Experts


Experts are the warm and welcoming faces who greet and assist Seller Community members, fostering meaningful relationships, providing expert solutions, and ensuring that everyone feels at home and supported in the Square Seller Community. 






🚀 Innovators


This category is all about empowering our most loyal Square users to be a part of the product feedback and building aspect of Square. Their thoughtful observation and beta product testing assists Square in achieving our mission to create accessible, innovative, and user-friendly financial tools and services for our sellers.




💡 Advisors


Advisors contribute to our mentorship program, amplify the Square message on social media, speak at Seller Community events, actively refer businesses to Square, and lead meaningful conversations in the Seller Community, making them essential advocates of the Square brand and mission.




Square Champions: New logo


In addition to a new structure, the Square Champion program features updated branding, including a new verified check mark displayed on all Square Champion profiles to reflect their status.


SquareChampions_VerifiedBadge_350x350 (1).png



We cannot contain our excitement about this change and the opportunities it brings. As we transition to Square Champions, we will open applications in the Autumn of 2024 for new members across the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 


Our program goal is clear: to cultivate a dedicated community of ambassadors and advocates who possess an in-depth understanding and passion for our products and services. Square Champions members play a pivotal role in sharing their experiences with Square — externally, with future and current business owners; and internally, to ensure our loyal sellers have their voices heard within Square.


Ultimately, this program seeks to amplify our brand’s presence and reputation while fostering meaningful relationships with our most passionate customers and rewarding them for their loyalty. 


Thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Subscribe to the Seller Community Blog to be notified when applications for Square Champions open.

Isabelle Lofrese is the Square Champions program manager on the Seller Community team. She is passionate about rewarding and recognizing our most loyal Square users and fostering connections within the Seller Community.


Love this so much! Big fan of our Champions! 🎉


Amazing news! Thank you to our current Champions for all you do and I'm looking forward to meeting all the new Champions later this year! 

Square Champion

The rebranding looks amazing.  So happy to be apart of the Square Champions!!!  🙂

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Introducing Square Champions: Learn about our new and improved Square advocacy program ‌🎉‌