Small Business Month Seller Spotlight: Bonnie, Swanky Scoop Ice Cream Shop

It’s Small Business Month in the Seller Community so we’re taking the time to highlight some of our fantastic Community members.


Bonnie Plottner runs Swanky Scoop Ice Cream Shop in Woodinville, Washington. Located near the Seattle wine-country, she noticed a gap in the market for an artisanal ice cream store. After extensive planning research and ice cream taste testing, Swanky Scoop Ice Cream Shop opened their doors in 2022.


Learn how Bonnie has grown her business, how she collaborates with other local food businesses (including a wine and ice cream flight!) and how she supports her local community. 

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Why did you start your business?


I loved making ice cream and my local community lacked a specialty ice cream store.


Why did you choose Square for your business? 


[Square] was able to grow with us from taking mobile pop-up shop payments to working at our brick and mortar store.


What is your favorite thing about running a business? What is your least favorite about running a business?


My favorite thing about running this business is making people happy. All ages can gather here and we have options for a variety of dietary needs. Least favorite is how variable sales are based on the season and weather.




How do you connect to your local community? 


I have enjoyed doing collaborations with some of the local businesses: macaron ice cream sandwiches, candied bacon in an ice cream flavor, coupon exchange with a comic book shop, coordinating ice cream and wine flight. We also do dine-in fundraiser nights for local PTAs, sponsor some community events, are active with our local chamber of commerce, and I volunteer on the board for the local farmers market.


How do you stay connected to your customers?


We are mostly an in-person business so the bedrock is excellent customer service. We also do regular updates on social media channels and have an email list.


Do you participate in community events?


The development where my store is located sponsors events that we participate in - winter holiday craft show, Easter egg hunt, a 5k that starts and finishes nearby (we had pickle ice cream that night for rehydrating and had two scooper enter the race and customers who picked the leader received free toppings!)


How do you build a sense of community among your team?


Limiting gossip or negative talk, free ice cream, and generally a positive place to work.

Thank you Bonnie! To learn more about Swanky Scoop Ice Cream, including how to place ice cream cake orders, visit Swanky Scoop or follow them on social media @swankyscoop !


Helen is a Seller Community Manager at Square and is the editor of the Seller Community Blog. She writes about small business, and the owners & entrepreneurs that are a part of the Seller Community.

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Square Champion

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a great small business and almost everyone enjoys ice cream! Congrats @swankyscoop!

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