Stellar Sellers: Recognizing Top Contributors in the Seller Community, January 2024

Hey everyone, 


2024 is fully underway and we’re kicking off a fun and new initiative in the Seller Community called Stellar Sellers! This new series will celebrate some of the amazing community members and all of their incredible contributions that make this community a great place to be.


Stellar Sellers.png

How are members selected to be a part of Stellar Sellers?


To discover our top contributors of the month, our team looks at how many best answers members offered, how many kudos they've received, and how engaged they've been in the Community. We also look beyond the metrics and check out how our members embrace our community values and guidelines which help make the Seller Community a welcoming and inclusive space. 


I want to be selected for the Stellar Sellers, how do I make this happen?


Good news! If you’re already active in the Community and connecting with other members, then that is a great start! 


Here are some more things to keep top of mind: 

  • Give and receive kudos (click the Like button)! 💚
  • Provide helpful answers.
  • Create your own posts and engage with others.
  • Be kind and welcoming.


So without further ado, it’s now time for the first edition of our Stellar Sellers! We hope that you’re ready to celebrate these amazing members that have made a big impact in the Seller Community this month.


👏 Top Kudos 👏


  1. @TheRealChipA 77 Kudos
  2. @Lovewell 69 Kudos
  3. @TCSlaguna 60 Kudos


✍️ Most Best Answers ✍️


  1. @Candlestore 7 Best Answers
  2. @TheRealChipA 6 Best Answers
  3. @JK_Fiber_Art 3 Best Answers


🗣Top Engaged Members 🗣

  1. @TheRealChipA 
  2. @Sam_400º 
  3. @Lovewell 


🙌 Special Shout Outs  🙌


  1. @mariam2 for launching their new business!
  2. @solewellness for publishing 4 posts this month! Way to go 👏
  3. @H3avenlyH3art for getting 8+ kudos this month and landing on the homepage leaderboard!
  4. @WoodCandleCo for being an awesome Beta Community member, asking a lot of questions and being involved with multiple Beta Programs!


🏆 Member of the Month 🏆


Now it's time to celebrate our Member of the Month, Let's give it up to @Sam_400º for their wonderful contributions to the Seller Community in January! 👏


What makes Sam the Member of the Month?


Sam has been a part of the Seller Community since 2018. Since then, he has received over 500 kudos, 500 replies to posts, and 152 best answers. Sam is a Beta Community member and a Square Champion. He is one of the most active members in the Seller Community and always jumping into posts to support a fellow seller.


Whether you need assistance with a Square product or general advice, Sam is always there to help. His experience and generosity are just some of the reasons that make him an amazing Seller Community member.


Congratulations again to @Sam_400º for earning Member of the Month, be on the lookout for a special Seller Community badge coming your way! If you see Sam around the community, make sure to give him a shout out. If he has helped you in the past or if he provides a useful solution with one of your questions, please give him a kudos and mark his answer as the best answer, which helps acknowledge his hard work!





Big kudos to all of the members mentioned this month as a Stellar Seller and special thanks to all of you for being a part of the Seller Community! If you weren’t on the leaderboard this month but still want to celebrate a member please tag them in the comments below.


See you all in the community and be on the 👀 lookout for February’s edition of Stellar Sellers dropping later next month!



Max “Now I need another coffee” Pete

Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.


Congrats everybody! Thanks to everyone for helping make this Community great!

Square Champion

Congrats @Sam_400º


@TCSlaguna congrats to you too! 



Thank you and well done to everyone in this month's edition! Looking forward to next month.


Hope all is going well @mariam2, launching a new business is a big deal! 



Love to see it. 💛 Congratulations, everyone!!!

Square Champion

Awwww - I’m flattered! 

Love the seller community 🥰

Beta Member

Awee. Thank you for the shout out! 🥰

Square Champion

Congratulations to Sam!!!!  This is awesome.  Everyone loves some acknowledgement 🙂  Congratulations to everyone who made it in the other 3 categories.  TheRealChip was in all three!!!  Good for you.  Love this 🙂

Square Champion

Congrats everyone! So excited to help lots of people this year!

Square Champion

Congrats everyone

Square Champion

Congratulations everyone!!!!!!!

Square Champion

congrats everyone this is so amazing :)!!!

Beta Member


Exactly what I needed because I am back to working my business after 1095 days of taking care of personal family matters with my now deceased parent. Square changed to Weebly when the order rolled out to stay at home due to the pandemic. Simultaneously, my parent contracted Covid and spouse was in ER for a severed thumb. Geez! All that said, I kept up as much as I could with Square changes. Alas! However, my security blanket was in the sellers community - knowing that they’ve got my back with clarifying questions and getting us answers. Now with these steller folks, I have a better way to access resources quicker. Nice job with this engagement campaign idea!! I’m so happy for all who have been listed and most of all grateful!! Very grateful. My 7yr business has hung in there by a string.  I feel like a start-up and that’s ok. The glory is in the rising! Thank you Community!  


@artsyfaliar Glad to see you back and sorry to hear about all that you are going through! Hoping that this year is a brighter year and appreciate the kind words on this series! 🙂 

Square Champion

@Sam_400º!!!! I know him!! I know him!!!


Congratulations, friend!


Also, I want to be @TheRealChipA when I grow up!


I'm a bit late to the party as I've been away, but congratulations @Sam_400º 🎉 ❤️


You are a local legend in the Square UK office — our beta team always know they can count on you for frank, constructive feedback to our beta and you have been such an incredibly supportive presence in our UK forums. Thank you for all you do ❤️

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