Stellar Sellers: Recognizing Top Contributors in the Seller Community, June 2024

Hey everyone,


We’re officially in Summer mode and I’m ready to spend some days at the beach and park! 🏖


This past month, the Stellar Sellers achieved a total of 556 Kudos, 430 Replies, and 84 Best Answers. Y’all make me so proud!!


How are members selected to be a part of Stellar Sellers?


To discover our Seller Community top contributors of the month, our team looks at how many best answers members shared, how many kudos they've received, and how engaged they've been. We also look beyond the metrics and check out how our members embrace our community values and guidelines which help make the Seller Community a welcoming and inclusive space. 


Here are some more things to keep top of mind to become a Stellar Seller: 

  • Give and receive kudos (click the Like button)! 💚
  • Provide helpful answers
  • Create your own posts and engage with others
  • Be kind and welcoming


Now, let’s celebrate our Sellers!





👏 Top Kudos 👏

  1. @VanKalkerFarms with 140 Kudos
  2. @TheRealChipA with 139 Kudos
  3. @TCSlaguna with 108 Kudos
  4. @Twpchair with 86 Kudos
  5. @ryanwanner with 83 Kudos


✍️ Most Best Answers ✍️

  1. @JK_Fiber_Art with 22 Best Answers
  2. @TheRealChipA with 21 Best Answers
  3. @VanKalkerFarms with 15 Best Answers
  4. @Candlestore with 15 Best Answers
  5. @Minion with 11 Best Answers


🗣Top Engaged Members 🗣

  1. @TheRealChipA 
  2. @VanKalkerFarms 
  3. @JK_Fiber_Art 
  4. @Candlestore 
  5. @Twpchair 


🌟Rising Stars 🌟

  1. @lawnbrook 
  2. @BostonHairnista 
  3. @BofBArtStudio 
  4. @taylorandjones 
  5. @DinaLRosenberg 


🙌 Special Shout Outs  🙌

  1. @Faerly_Punk for joining the Community and already contributing to 4+ threads!
  2. @CareyJo for kicking off a great thread around procrastination in the Community Corner!
  3. @BostonHairnista for jumping back into the community with a helpful salon stylist feature request 
  4. @taylorandjones for all of her contributions to the Seller Community this month!
  5. @Hallowedrift for launching their new business!


🏆 Member of the Month 🏆


Let’s give a big shout out to @HC_Charlie for being June’s Member of the Month!


What makes Charlie the Member of the Month?


Charlie always goes out of his way to help out a fellow Seller Community member. He has been in the Seller Community since 2018 and has authored over 1,700+ posts, 85 best answers, and 1,800+ kudos! Charlie is also a part of the Square Readers Book Club, Beta Community, and a Square Champion


Congrats again to Charlie for earning June’s Member of the Month! If you see him in the community, make sure to give Charlie some kudos! If they have helped you in the past or continue to provide helpful solutions to one of your questions, make sure to mark their answer as the best solution which helps acknowledge their hard work!


@HC_Charlie  be sure to keep an eye out for a special badge coming your way!




Thanks again to all of the members mentioned this month as a Stellar Seller and special thanks to all of you for being a part of the Seller Community!


See you all in the community and be on the lookout for July’s edition of Stellar Sellers dropping later next month! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive articles straight to your inbox.



Max “thriving in this Summer weather” Pete

Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager at Square. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community.

Beta Member

Thank you so much for the shout out ️ Happy to be apart of this community!


Congrats to all of this month's Stellar Sellers! Y'all bring so much to the Community and we're so grateful for you all!

And a big well deserved congrats to @HC_Charlie !! 

Square Champion

Congratulations to everyone! Way to go!

Square Champion



Glad I couple contribute enough to e a mention. 


I ip my hat to those at the top of the list. Some incredible numbers there!

Square Champion

Love our community we are so much more help than those other crappy point of sales.

Beta Member

I see I have a long way to go

Square Champion

lets gooooooo

Good work everyone!!


@BostonHairnista Of course! Glad to have you here!


@purpleent you got this! Looking forward to celebrating you in a future Stellar Sellers!

Square Champion

Congrats to everyone! You all rock and contribute to making square the best POS system out there! 


Also loved your sign off @maxpete 

Square Champion

Congrats @HC_Charlie  and everyone else.

Square Champion

Great to be part of this Community! I think I've learned more than I even know from the sharing among all of the Sellers.

Thanks for the shout-out.  Congrats to everyone.


Way to be everyone! We're glad you're here! 💫

Square Champion

Congrats Everyone

Square Champion

Whoop whoop! Great job everyone!! 

My confidence has reached new highs once I became a Square user at outdoor community fairs; one who heretofore has  been known only as a "Collector" since 1975...that's a fancy word for "organized hoarder of good stuff"!!   This Square Seller Community site is so welcoming and supportive that I now look forward to moving my antiques, vintage artifacts & ephemera out into the world w/o worrying about cash transactions!!!   Thank you very much.


@AbigailBx so glad to hear and thank you for being a part of this Community!

Square Champion

Way to go, @Charlie! Some big numbers there! 

Seller Community Mentor

Thank you and congrats to everyone!!

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