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LTB Cover - Lenore Johnson.jpg
This month on Let's Talk Business, we meet Lenore Johnson, founder of LenJo Bakes, a bespoke cake studio in Ontario, Canada. Learn how Lenore expanded her venture with The Shed, a cozy cafe just 15 miles away. Discover insights on the challenges of opening a second location, lessons learned, and the potential for a third endeavor.
LTB Cover - Deklan Ranlett.png
In this edition of Let's Talk Business, Deklan Ranlett shares their insights into purchasing an existing business, MudFire Studio and Gallery, in Decatur, Georgia. They share how they were able to transform this business into a more profitable and inclusive space all by making small but impactful changes.
LTB Cover - Michelle Savage.png
This week in Let's Talk Business, we meet Michelle Savage, co-owner of Savage Goods, a neighborhood cafe in El Paso, Texas. Watch the video or read the highlights to learn from Michelle's experience starting and running a family business.
LTB Cover - Ryan Wanner.png
In the first edition of Let’s Talk Business, we talk to Ryan Wanner, owner of Golden Pine Coffee Roasters in Colorado. Watch the video or read the highlights to learn from Ryan’s journey in business, from establishing a brick-and-mortar location to starting again from scratch.