Meet a Super Seller: Michael_L

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Super Sellers are Square sellers who go above and beyond to help others in the Community. In this series we get to know all about Super Sellers and their businesses! 🎉 


Super Sellers are experts in Square, they participate in Square Beta programs, provide feedback on Square’s features and tools and much much more! Learn more about how to engage in the Community and how you can potentially become a Super Seller. If a Super Seller helps you be sure to like their reply or mark it as a Best Answer.


In this post we meet @Michael_L of SUB Photo who is based in the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Michael has been a friendly face around the Community for several years. We are delighted to finally include him in the Super Seller Program! 😊



Community Username: Michael_L


Business Name: SUB Photo

Tell us about your business. 


https://subphoto.ca and https://gradphotos.ca are the result of a growing business taking graduation photos at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. I started as an independent photographer and have grown this from a one-person operation to a busy studio (especially as the end of the school year approaches)! 


Where can we learn more about your business on social media? 






What changes, if any, have you made to your business adapt to COVID-19 restrictions?

We've adjusted appointment length to reduce customers meeting each other in-between sessions, added masks and lots of cleaning protocols, and stopped taking group photos indoors. Overall our business has been very fortunate - there is still demand for quality portraits and a chance to wear the cap & gown!


What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

Good business wins out in the long run. Using sneaky sales tactics or 'attack advertising' might seem to give short-term gain but in the end comes back to cause trouble. Be honest, play fair, correct your mistakes and try to view your own company as a customer would.  


When did you start using Square?



What do you know now that you wish you would have known on day 1 of starting your business?

SO much. Haha.


What questions can you help with in the Community? What's your favorite discussion topic?

Ideas, inspiration, some product help, marketing ideas, business related questions. I can help with some point-of-sale stuff and online integration although I don't consider myself an expert.


What is your favorite Square tool/feature?

Mostly I use the Square Stand and the phone app to take payments. I like Square overall for the clean design, consistent results and the reporting options.


What is your top feature request? 

An online store for selling both digital and printed photos 🙂 I know that one's a stretch lol - accepting cryptocurrency (please look at Nano!! https://nano.org/) would be wonderful.


Thank you very much for participating in the Super Seller Program @Michael_L!

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Love your logo @MichaelL! Thanks for sharing 📸 

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