Bay Area Sellers: We have an opportunity for you!

Square is partnering with the San Francisco City Planning Committee to host an event called the “Friday Market & Bazaar," at Civic Center Commons.
The Market and Bazaar will be broken up into three sections:
  • Retail - More information on this below
  • Food - Food trucks and hot food tents
  • Other:
    • Seating throughout the space for guests to relax, eat lunch, play games, etc.
    • Art installations
    • Free workshops - Ex. Yoga, floral arrangements, dance class, etc.
We’re looking for Square sellers to feature at this event. The Market will be hosted every Friday starting May 31st from 11am-3:00pm.


Note: you will not need to sell every Friday, just when you’re available.
Square will provide:
  • Complimentary space within the market
  • Complimentary hardware
What we’ll need you to provide:
  • Table setup
  • Merchandise to sell


If you’re interested, please fill out THIS form by Friday, May 17th.
Thank you!
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