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Why is my Square Card always declined at gas/fuel pumps, even when there are funds available?  Sometimes I want to use the card to pay for fuel when I'm traveling to specific POS events.

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Christina Square

Re: Square Card

This is a common frustration, and understandably confusing, @piLover08! Let me try to explain what’s likely going on.. 


Some businesses, like gas stations and hotels, place a temporary charge on your payment card. Since pumping gas is an open-end purchase, gas stations typically pre-authorize your payment card for a larger amount to ensure that your card has enough funds to cover the amount of gas you’ll leave with. This pre-authorization is typically $100. This pre-authorization happens the moment you insert your card and will still be reflected on your statement temporarily even if you ultimately decided to not get gas or the card gets declined. These pending authorizations can take up to 9 days to clear.


So, if you don’t have at least $100 in your Square balance when you use your Square Card at a gas station pump, it will likely decline. 


In the future, you can pay inside at the register for a specific amount instead of at the pump. This should prevent a temporary pre-authorization from being placed on your Square Card.

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Christina Square

Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Card!

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Wow, what great questions and feedback on Square Card -- THANK YOU. Square Card is a new product, just launched this year, and you, our sellers, are the best source of feedback on what you love, and where we have room to improve and grow. We've heard you. Please keep the feedback coming so that we can continue to meet more of your cash flow needs. 


To close out, I wanted to share a few thoughts and gather your feedback to help inform our thinking. 


What you love 

We heard that you love that your card sales are immediately in your Square balance for you to control: spend on the Square Card, or transfer to your linked bank account whenever you wish. We heard that you love the look of the Square Card: professional, simple, and highlighting you and your business. We heard that you love having a free business debit card to manage your business expenses. 


How we can make managing cash flow easier 

We heard you in asking for Apple Pay and Google Pay, better accounting support, statements, a running balance next to each Square Card transaction, and Capital loan disbursements to the Square balance to spend on the Square Card. The good news is that we are actively working on each of those things ^^. Update: You can now add your Square Card to your digital wallet to use it with Apple Pay and Google Pay! 


We also heard you asking for us to grow into a broader business banking solution with account and routing numbers, multiple cards per account, and international usage. Great feedback to inform how we might better grow to serve you in the future. 


What else can we do to make managing your cash flow easier? What do you wish we could take off of your shoulders? How do you feel now about your business finances today, and how do you hope to feel about it in the future? Are there specific tools or functionality that you wished we offered? 


This community represents a wealth of knowledge and experience greater than anything we could fathom within our four walls, and we're truly excited to read and learn what you have to say. Thank you again for your honest and candid dialogue in yesterday's Q&A, and moving forward. 

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