Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

On Thursday November 7th at 11am PT / 2pm ET we’re hosting a Square Marketing Live Q&A


This time of year brings a lot of opportunities to boost your sales with custom holiday promotions. With Square’s Marketing tools you can schedule and send email campaigns to your customers to promote holiday sales, send coupons, announce new products, or let your customers know you sell eGift Cards! You can also share your campaign on Facebook, and boost a Facebook campaign to reach even more customers. 


@edwardwb from the Marketing team will be joining us to answer your questions about Square Marketing, and he knows a lot about Customer Directory too! 

Here are some example questions:


  • What’s the difference between a blast campaign and a scheduled campaign?
  • How can I grow my list of customers to email?
  • Can I send a campaign to a specific group of customers?

Click Reply below to ask your question and we’ll answer every question on Friday 11th October! 


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edwardwb Square

Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

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Thanks to everyone who posted a question about Square Marketing! If you missed the Live Q&A last week you can still read through the posts to learn how to understand if your email campaign has been successful, how to collect even more emails, how to create a Facebook campaign — and more!


If you haven’t visited Square Marketing in a little while, check out the recently released drag and drop campaign editor. We introduced this to make creating emails even easier than it was before. Enjoy!

I also want to mention that at this time if you're subscribed to both Square Loyalty and Marketing you can now create automated text message campaigns. We’re launching a pilot for text message marketing soon (without a Loyalty subscription) and we'll let you know when it's available so you can try it out. Stay tuned for updates!

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Re: ✨Wednesday Wins ✨ October 2

What is the latest update on text message marketing? I would love to have all of our marketing consolidated! Currently use EZ Texting which is great, but I like the analytics that Square Marketing provides on our email campaigns. And we do more texts than just to loyalty customers - like sending out upcoming sale info and coupons.

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edwardwb Square

Re: ✨Wednesday Wins ✨ October 2

Hi @jthorvaldson! Automated text message marketing campaigns is once again available for sellers who are subscribed to Loyalty and Marketing! You can read the details here


We’re also working on a pilot that will enable Loyalty sellers to send blast text message campaigns with coupons, as well as allow sellers who are not using Loyalty to use text message marketing. These may not have the full functionality that you’re used to, but once we launch we look forward to getting feedback from you and other sellers on how we can continue to improve them. 


Keep in mind that we will not initially allow phone numbers that are imported to Directory to receive text message marketing, but we will evaluate whether we will add this in the future.

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Re: ✨Wednesday Wins ✨ October 2

Very cool! my questions....can ongoing/continuous receipt campaigns be pre-scheduled by seasonal theme. As much as I enjoy the user friendly app, when having the marketing plan in front me I could "pre-plan" campaigns according to seasonal market segments.

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edwardwb Square

Re: ✨Wednesday Wins ✨ October 2

Hi @PBEskincare, thanks for the question! Yes, you can schedule receipt campaigns ahead of time with any seasonal theme that is currently available in Marketing. We aim to put up themes at least 1 month ahead of the holidays, so we understand this might limit your ability to plan ahead of time, and we can take this into account in the future.


Let us know if this answers your question, or if there is something else you are wondering about!

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Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

Quick update to let everyone know the date for this Live Q&A is now November 7.


Feel free to add anymore questions in the meantime! 

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Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

Are there any additional

fees if we have a recurring monthly payment?

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edwardwb Square

Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

Hi @Tpelosi! If you’re subscribed to Square Marketing, there are no additional fees to use the product.


We do have a feature where you can “boost” a Facebook post to make sure it reaches more of your business page’s fans and followers (Facebook caps the number of fans / followers who see business posts). You can allocate up to $20 per post, and all of this money goes to Facebook–  we don’t take any of it. At the end, you’re only charged for the amount that Facebook was able to spend, which will depend on how many fans / followers you have. If you want to have more control over boosting a Facebook post that you made through Square Marketing, you can also go directly to your business page on Facebook and boost the post there.

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Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

Will you have another time for questions? Other than November 7th? 

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edwardwb Square

Re: Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Square Marketing!

Hello @321HypnosisWe’re answering questions about Square Marketing live for one hour today but you can also click ‘Start a thread’ at any time to answer a question. The Community team is here to help!

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