Live Q&A: Ask us anything about Text Message Marketing!

Hello Sellers — On February 17th, we hosted a Square Text Message Marketing Q&A!

@lornaz and @Anneharris are the product manager and the product marketing manager for Text Message Marketing. Together, they’ve been at Square ~4 years total, and they’re excited to talk more about this powerful new way to reach more customers via text messaging. When they’re not in the (home) office, Lorna enjoys catching up on new TV shows with her 1 year old Goldendoodle, Percy, while Anne likes trying new recipes and forcing the results on friends and family.





A few example questions:

  • How can I get more customers to opt in to receiving texts from me?
  • How does Text Message Marketing interact with a Square Marketing or Square Loyalty subscription?
  • What should I text my customers about, anyway?


Tom [he/him]
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Q&A last week and I hope your questions were answered! You’ve given great suggestions about how we can improve our Text Message Marketing product that we’ll be sharing with the team. 


To wrap up, here’s a summary of a few themes I saw in the questions:


Buyer Opt Ins for Loyalty Sellers

We know the buyer opt in process, which affects who you can and cannot text, can be confusing, especially for our Loyalty sellers. Many of you have noticed that it’s possible to text most of your loyalty enrollees about your loyalty program using the Loyalty+coupon campaign, but other manual (blast) campaigns show a much smaller audience size. This is because some Loyalty enrollees have agreed to receive texts about your loyalty program, but they haven’t said yes to general marketing messages from your business. We are actively working on updating our Loyalty enrollment screen so that new enrollees will be opted into general text marketing from your business as well as your Loyalty program to make the buyer enrollment process more straightforward. This update is live for Square Stand sellers with the most recent app update and will be live for Register in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and sharing ideas on how we can improve.


Coupon Redemption Online

Seamless online integration is an important feature for Text Message Marketing, especially the ability to redeem coupons online. We want to clarify that most coupons sent by Square Marketing can be redeemed online. The only exceptions are coupons that are specific categories or coupons that have a max value field.


How to Use Text Marketing

Text Marketing is a new product that just launched in December. For many of you, this is your first time using a text marketing product and have lots of great questions about how to get started. We are working on a video tutorial that will walk you through how to set up Text Message Marketing, collect opt-ins, send a campaign and review your results. Stay tuned for more on that front!

Again, thank you for your participation. If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQs or feel free to add them to this message and we will try and get to them as quickly as possible.

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Hi @ruizmex, the coupon generated when buyers opt into your program should be redeemable on Weebly. The only exception is that if you set a maximum value on the coupon then it won’t be redeemable online 😞 .

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Hello! I sell costume jewelry @OhThatsNiceJewels and get most of my sales via my facebook live shows. Is there anyway Square and FB can work together to let my customers know when im going live?? that'd be a dream!

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Yes there is.  This is somewhat complicated.  If you are using Square to process the transactions, the Square / Weebly Integration will allow you track you Facebook Pixel.  Then you setup a custom conversion with all customers (who are on Facebook) that have visited your Square Site.  Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 7.54.47 AM.png

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Hi @Angelica28, thank you for your question. For Text message Marketing specifically, you can ask buyers to opt into Text Marketing via Text to Join (see more information here). Once your customers opt-in to your Text Marketing program, you will be able to send them text to let them know that you are going live and also include the Facebook link.

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Beta Member

Is that they only way?  Can't the go to your Check Loyalty Status Link and do the same thing?


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Can we text an image or a short video?

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Yes you can.  You have to do it as a linked file.  Square will shorten URL links for you.  

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Hi @oldfaithful, thank you for your question! Right now, we do not support image or video texting (MMS); however, as @indianathomas said, if you have a link with the video or image that you would like to send to your customers, you can insert the link and send that.

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I signed up for text messaging yesterday and I noticed that when someone joins, I only see their phone number when I go to Customers > Directory. Is there a way to also collect their name?

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Hi @FGodbold, thank you for the feedback. Right now unfortunately there isn’t a way to also collect their name. I will confirm with our Customer Directory team on this and also made a note of this request so that we can prioritize as we build out additional functionality.

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Are you live with the q and a? If so how do we start?

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Hi @prestigetattoob, yep — we're here! All replies are in written form. If you have a question, feel free to drop it in the thread now and we'll answer momentarily.

Tom [he/him]
Seller Community Manager | Square, Inc.
Find step-by-step help in our Support Center
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What application do we need to be able to access all of these features. we have square but dont use it often as we have another form of taking payments.

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 Hi @prestigetattoob, you can sign up for Text Message Marketing for free by visiting your Square Dashboard (which is easiest to do on desktop) - no application needed.

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I have 10k opt-in to the loyalty program but 900 opt-in to SMS. The square marketing is allowing me to create a coupon attached SMS campaign. Will it send to all 10k or just the 900?

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We have 20,000 customers enrolled in Text Message marketing.  We can only reach them by sending a COUPON + MESSAGE.  We'd like to just send them a message.  Other than sending them a coupon to opt-in to messages, is there an easier way.  For example:  If they visit our https://squareup.com/loyalty/9B4N93XGKMM7Y/profile/overview page, is there something that they can change.  


BTW.... this whole process of what can be sent and not is crazy confusing to people.

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I've burned many hours testing the system and features for marketing. Some will work one way last month and work another way this month. There's a lot of features offered but none work as needed or are glitchy

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Hi @indianathomas, we know buyer opt-ins are a pain point for sellers and are actively working on expanding our buyer opt in avenues. We are working with Weebly/Square Online to explore ways we can add buyer opt-ins to the Square Online website and also looking into options to opt current Loyalty enrollees into all Text Marketing campaigns so that you do not have to ask each of them to Join through Text to Join. 


I know that these caveats on who you can and cannot text are confusing and less than ideal, but we are working with restrictions to build the best product possible.

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What is the best strategy to opt-in more customers?

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If I customer signs up via the "Check Loyalty Status Link:". Here: https://squareup.com/loyalty/9B4N93XGKMM7Y/profile/overview  Does that opt them in to all SMS campaigns?  Or Do they have to be physically present to sign up at the register?  

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Hi @indianathomas, customers don’t have to be present to sign up at the register. Right now, buyers who sign up for Loyalty using the Check Loyalty Status link WILL be textable, but only for the Loyalty + Coupon texts. They will have to text JOIN to receive general marketing texts from you (and be available in that audience). As we mentioned earlier in the thread, there is updated consent language on iOS and we’re rolling it out over Register and other surfaces. We’ve highlighted the need to our team to ensure the Loyalty status link language is updated then, too.

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