Live Q&A with the Square Beta Team!

On Wednesday the 4th of December at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET we’re hosting our first ever Square Beta Live Q&A

Have you ever considered being part of Square Beta and using the Beta App? Would you like to be on the front line of product releases and updates? Want to drive meaningful change for your business and those around you? We want to work with you to make sure our products are not only useful but also invaluable for your business.


Our own @lindsaybee  and @Howard and myself, will be here to answer all your questions live on December 4th at 2pm PT


Square Beta offers our Sellers the chance to do all the things above. We know you have Feedback and Requests - now is a great time to get into our specific Beta Community where you’ll be influencing the next product launches. 

Here are some example questions:

  • What is the benefit of being in a Beta Program?
  • What is the best way to offer Feedback or report a bug?
  • What do you need from me as a Beta Seller?
  • Do Feature Requests actually go anywhere?


Click Reply below to ask your question and we’ll answer every question on Wednesday the 4th of December!


To join our Private Beta Seller Community check out this post in the Community, request to join, and download the Beta App to get started!


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Re: Live Q&A with the Square Beta Team!

Hiya Community! 


We're here and about to begin answering all your questions on this rainy Wednesday in San Fransisco. 


If you have further questions, feel free to post them and we'll get to them as we are able.


@Howard @lindsaybee and myself! 




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Re: Live Q&A with the Square Beta Team!

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The Takeaway:


Thank you so much for joining us for our first ever live Q&A with the Beta team. It’s taken us a few days to really organize our thoughts around the takeaways - but we’ve identified these few things.


  1. We had a great discussion around Feature Requests - not just your the Feature Requests that were asked in the thread, but we’ve identified some pain points in the request process. We’re focusing on ways to organize and give the broader community insight into what is happening with your feature requests - whether it’s in production or just being tracked until we can work on it.  We’re hoping to have a new system in place in the next few months. 

  2. The Beta team is looking for participants who would like to be actively involved in the beta process. That means running your business on the Beta App, being involved in our Beta community to share your feedback, bugs, and feature requests for the product.

    Doing so gives you access to other private Betas that we recruit for from our specialized community. Becoming part of the Beta Community of Sellers and participating in the program will help us identify your business for further private beta’s and offer exclusive access to the programs as they launch.

  3. Being a beta tester for Square allows you to have access to features and changes before general release. Although the product goes through stringent testing before going to Beta, bugs may arise from time to time. In the case that you do have an issue affecting your day-to-day sales, make sure you report the bug here in our Community, and switch over to the Point of Sale App (the released version). Doing so will allow you to take payments as expected and continue to charge and track your transactions.


To get started in Beta - please request to join our Beta Community. Download the App from the Google Play store or Download TestFlight from the Apple Store, login with your typical login and get started.





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Pesso Super Seller

Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

One of my concerns/questions before I joined beta was the worry of a beta being potentially unstable or too buggy - and thankfully the fear was unfounded and I haven’t had any big issues like that! Can you talk about what steps you take to mitigate and prevent that, and what is in place just in case something goes wrong?

I absolutely love being a part of Beta and looking forward to more awesome things!



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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

@Pesso  By the time our products are ready to enter the beta phase, they have already gone through pretty thorough QA testing. We rely on Beta to validate that the product is a good fit for our customers, not that pop-ups appear after you click. That’s not to say that a rarer combination of devices, app version, and use case won’t surface a bug — and if that happens, we’re very thankful to have great beta testers on it! When our beta testers share a bug for us, we report it straight away to the engineering team, which works to resolve the bug as soon as possible. 


If a showstopper bug ever surfaces, which is fairly rare, our testers can close the Beta app and open the Square POS app to ensure there’s no interruption to your business.

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

What does a seller do after applying and not hearing back for over a month or is this bugginess?

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

@Ganjaji Thanks for the question. We'll be explaining in depth the difference in the Beat App and being a Beta Tester and different Beta Programs that teams can do. This is a great example of one of the differences. We'll have a full answer for you on December 4th!
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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

@Ganjaji Thanks for the question! We apologize for the long wait. Some of our beta programs are extremely popular and space may be limited. Depending on the program, we may be looking for specific types of businesses that we believe will be the best fit, whereas others are first-come first-serve. 


Being a part of our Beta Community means that you will be the first to know whenever we start recruiting for new beta programs, and will have the opportunity to be one of the first to join.

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

I have seen posts from the Square Community about a way to allow authorized people (entering a code for access) to make corrections after processing a sale. Is there any thought and/or movement of this?

If not, it would be really helpful to be able to most businesses to be able to correct an error.


Also, I would be willing to join the beta testing group.


Roger Nowland



*edited to retract private information*

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?



Thanks for the question! We'd love to have you join us in the Beta Community. Feel free to request to join using the link above. 


As far as this as a Feature Request, we'll take a look and see if there is anything mapped out in Beta. We'll also explain a bit more in depth what to expect when using the Beta App.

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

Hi again @glagoldtownWe’d love to have you on the Beta App, have you join the Beta Community, and experience these kinds of updates as soon as they roll out. Although we don’t have any specific change coming around this request at this time, this is something we can continue to track. When requests like these are made, they are taken to the product teams who prioritize their roll out. We’ve previously answered about the process of Feature Requests, but I’m seeing quite a few of these in this Q&A.


So let’s revisit the Lifecycle of a Feature Request process: 


The Life of a Feature Request


  1. Customer Advocacy - The first thing we do internally is share your request with the people building our products. From data-centric approaches like tracking the request in our internal databases, to more qualitative methods like the community moderators talking directly with the Product Liaison team, we make sure your feedback and ideas get to the right person. 


This is where being a part of our Beta Community and a Beta Tester gives you a more direct pipeline to our teams. When the App version is in the Beta stage our teams are able to make changes and fix bugs before it goes out to General Audience. When you’re experiencing an issue with the Beta App, we can correct and fix things or in some extreme cases, even delay a launch because we want to make it suitable for as many businesses as possible when releasing. Win-win.

  1. Look for an Alternative - We always try to provide a workaround when it makes sense. Even if our products don’t do exactly what you need them to, we want to help you get closer to your goal (see an example of a work-around in this thread). Many times we’ve heard the request before and have an alternative in mind. When we don’t know of a great workaround, we turn to the community to get advice from other sellers.

Again this is where your feedback is essential in the Beta program. We can find ways and solutions to common issues, that may not be the way we intended it - but it works! Those are the coolest changes to launch, the ones directed from Seller feedback specifically.

  1. Share a Resolution - The best days for us (and we hope for you, too!) are when we get to share with the community that a feature request has been built into the product. 


We’re working on a series that will highlight the Feature Requests that have fully gone through our Feature Request process, and you’ll get to hear about these shortly as we’re working on the Lifecycle Series now.


All of this is to say, we might not have this as an available option now, but catching a needed change in the Beta App before it’s launched can help you with painful experiences like these, once it’s launched into the world, and we need to walk it back.


Basically, all this is to say - Feature Requests are heard and valued, and we work hard to make these changes. Some take a good deal of time, but being involved in Beta helps shape the product and changes pre-release.

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Re: Live Q&A: Beta What? Beta Who?

I have been using square appointments for about a year now and I’m pretty happy with it but I have been long awaiting the option to double book color services . Color services have 3steps , application , processes and finish . During the process time it would be super beneficial to be able to have another appointment  in there. Or show as available online . When do you think that option will become available 

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