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Hi Seller Community,


Have questions about the Orders section on your Point of Sale or online Square Dashboard? Our product team wants to hear from you!


I'm thrilled to introduce you to @chada and @Aaron_Product, whose teams focus on order management. Whether you're set up with Square Point of Sale, Square for Retail, Square for Restaurants, or Square Online, this is an opportunity for you to ask questions and share feedback on the order managerโ€™s role in managing your business, notifying you of new or updated orders, printing order tickets, or providing settings for configuring your order-specific workflows. 


Post your questions to this thread ahead of time and check back with us on Wednesday, June 29, at 11 a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT when their team responds. 


A few example questions:

  • What are the latest feature improvements that will help me better manage orders with Square Online?
  • If Square Order Manager could support "_______," the day-to-day operations at my restaurant would run so much smoother.
  • I keep running into "_______" every time an order comes through at my retail store. What's the best practice for addressing this?
  • What plans do you have for allowing me to configure Order Manager to suit the specific workflows of my business?
  • Do you have any plans to improve the onboarding experience to Order Manager for new sellers or employees?



Note: We are not able to share specific details on our product roadmaps, though this information will be helpful as we continue to make improvements.


Click Reply below to post a question ahead of time, and weโ€™ll address as many posts as we can on Wednesday, June 29.๐Ÿ‘‡


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Are we going to be able to edit orders in Order Manager? We struggle with that quite a bit where a customer orders a future order online but then needs to change something on the order but we're not able to modify it. 

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Hi @LLCafe,


I am not seeing as something on the horizon for Square when I am researching. I am also not seeing anything that has been submitted on the ideate board. 


I think that is a great idea, I get how useful editing from the order manager would be, just makes things a lot easier. I would submit a feature request for this so our team can look into it. 


Let us know if we can help with anything else! 



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We would like to be able to edit orders that come in online. Having to refund the customer and then invoice them again is the reason we are still on Shopify for online. If they had support for variable weight items we would use their POS. I am really surprised that it's not on any roadmap I have personally requested this feature and have seen multiple threads about this. 


Over all I like square better but not being able to edit orders is a deal-breaker for us. 



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They sent me an apple square and I have a Samsung phone with the type c port how do I get one compatible to my phone

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Why does Square NOT give an option anymore to slide cards?

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Can you give some examples of times you've wanted to edit online orders? How did you handle the situation without that ability to edit? How would you expect that to work if you could edit orders, in terms of customer communication, updating payments, etc? 

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We have this issue often. Especially when needing to cancel a certain item and replace it with another. For example, when something sells out before we can mark it sold out on  POS & Online 

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Agree. This is a perfect example. Customer orders an item before you get to mark out of stock. You canโ€™t edit the order. We have to call the customer and notify them our item isnt available.

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Why does Apple Pay glitch out with square online and cause a customer to purchase 10 tickets instead of the 2 that they want. Weโ€™ve been having this issue for over a year now and have put in multiple calls to square to not avail 

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When it comes to fulfilling online orders I find it could be streamlined significantly.

For Software/hardware I use Square for Retail on a Square Register with a MPOP Printer/Register.




An order comes in online, I get a emailed copy of what they ordered and I can either manually print it out or go to the register and pre-print the order to pull it. 


When I go to print the order from the Square register I have to:

1. Open Orders, find the order.

2. Tap to open the order.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

4. Tap More Actions.

5. Tap Print.

6. Tap on Screen to exit More Actions.

7. Tap the X to exit the order.


Streamlined it would look like:

1. Open Orders, find the order.

2. Tap Print icon on top right of order.


In addition it's very difficult to fulfill orders when printing the orders from the square register does NOT include SKU/PLU information to ensure my employees are pulling the right items. They have to manually write each last six digits on each item to ensure correct pulling. I believe this is a current feature request.


TL;DR: I guess are there plans to streamline printing orders/making it easier for us to fulfill orders? 


I included the above work flow to show why manually printing orders is a bit of a chore.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree there's definitely room to improve the process to manually print orders.


Is there a reason you don't have your orders print automatically? Here's a help article that can help you set that up if you're interested: https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5194-print-order-tickets

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Is there a way to view a contact list (including email and phone number) of everyone who signed up for an event? 


We would like to have a list of people registered for events.


Transactions -> Filter by Item -> Export Items Detail CSV provides the event/item purchased, and the name of the customer that purchased the said event/item. However, it does not provide the phone number and email address of the customer.


Use case:

We would like to have a list of Customer Name, Phone Number, Email Address so that we can call and/or email the customer before the event to remind them, and then at the event do a sign-in. Currently we go through each Order and copy-paste the order information into an Excel sheet. 


An amazing feature would be the ability in Square Marketing to email everyone signed up for a certain event. 

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Can you tell me more about how orders are placed for your events? Is an event defined as a line item on the order? Where on the order is the customer information captured today?

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1000x this. We do event ticketing through our square site, gracehillwinery.square.site, and when it comes time to make an RSVP/contact list I have to go through back through all the online orders, download the terribly disorganized spreadsheet it creates (i.e. the items purchased and their quantities are on different rows than the names, c'mon guys), and then sort it out from the orders for different products. If it could just spit out a specific event's RSVP/contact info that would be a huge help. 

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Right now- there isn't a link between marking something in progress in Register and seeing that in progress in online orders if you access orders from Weebly. I prefer the Weekly screen for e-commerce orders as it provides a preview of products ordered by the customer- the order section of square does not.


It would be amazing if there was a "notes" feature that we could use internally. Right now we have to print out the order and write notes on it as we go (say something is out of stock- or we left a message for the customer to clarify something, etc.). If the paper gets lost- well you're out of luck.


We use the orders list off the register for us to know what items have already been pulled off the selling floor- so "in progress" at that level I really important... it just doesn't seem to translate once we are viewing orders on the website. It would be helpful to see the history of the order as well - beyond when order was placed- it would be helpful to log when the order was printed so we can see that on our end as well.


To follow up with @TCSlaguna  we have the same issue as events being treated the same as inventory. We have a separate category for those online and WE know what they are - but it would be much easier if there was a native way within square to manage these easier instead of printing out each individual order and creating some type of secondary list.

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From a restaurant perspective, are there plans to add more integration with square for restaurants and square KDS? A lot of the square online and square orders features are geared towards e-commerce - but the infrastructure that y'all have built has the potential for some great tools for restaurants or businesses using square for physical stores and for restaurants, not just shipping tools. 


I personally would love to be able to communicate with the customer from the POS, which is available on Square POS but not restaurant. It would also be great to be able to control more from the KDS, which currently only lets you mark items as done. Being able to mark orders as in progress, ready, and also picked up all from the KDS would be great. 

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in restaurants is there a way to be able to keep the items on the same place in the check even though a server enters them randomly. example: server enters items C D E A Bโ€ฆ..but can the kitchen see A B C D E every time? right now itโ€™s entry specific.

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I'm afraid I don't understand the question...can you elaborate by what you mean by "the same place" using real world examples rather than A B C? 

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The poster hopes for the ability to assign a print order to items on a ticket.


If the C D E A B referenced above - equates to Cherries - Dates - Eggplants - Apples - Blueberries.

In the kitchen - Apples should always print 1st on the check - even if the server rings in 30 items - then Apples last. 


Apples Hierarchy 100. Blueberries would print second (if on the order) Hierarchy 200. Cherries 3rd (300). Dates 4th (400). Eggplant 5th (500). If one of the items is not on the order - the next hierarchy assigned product prints on the ticket.


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let's say you have 5 products (a) hamburger (b) cheeseburger (c) french fries (d) onion rings (e) chicken fingers


however the server INPUTS the order is how the order appears on a kitchen check or KDS:




order 1:


hamburger (a)

FF (c)

cheeseburger (b)

FF (c)

hamburger (a)

onion ring (d)


this is exactly how it shows on the KDS because this is how it was ordered.


can you change to

2 hamburger (a)

1 cheeseburger (b)

2 FF (c)

1 onion ring (d)


square currently cannot deviate from how the order was inputted.  can you somehow group like items?


thank you

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