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Report issues, potential bugs, and other strange behavior related to using Square. For urgent concerns, please contact us at square.com/help.
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Questions & How-To

Questions, suggestions, and general tips and tricks for getting the most out of Square. For urgent questions, please contact us at square.com/help.
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General Discussion

Nobody knows how to run a small business better than other small business owners. Ask other Sellers for advice, and contribute your own learnings. Together, we thrive!
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Product Updates

Welcome to the Seller Community Product Updates page! This is your hub to learn about Square's new releases and updates we make to our products. We'll post here and include details on using new products and features and will also include resources for where to go to learn more. If you'd like to get notified every time we post a product update, make sure to click on the "Subscribe to Product Updates" link on the righthand side of the page.
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Tips & How-To’s

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Deposits, Refunds, & Account Questions

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Square Cash Questions

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Orientation & Etiquette

Learn how to find interesting threads, find out why it's good to vote on replies, see where to get notes on our latest releases, and so much more.
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How to Use the Community

Check out posts on using the Seller Community, ask questions, and let us know what you'd like to see in the Community!
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Seller Community Events

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