Feature Request: Create packages including multiple services via Square Appointments

Feature Request: Create packages including multiple services via Square Appointments

The title of this post has been edited from the original: How to schedule multi packs with Square Appointments?


Hoping to find some help here.  We offer a service that clients can pay for and book appointments online. Great. The problem is that there are discounted packages if multiple treatments are purchased at one time, if this option is chosen, the client is only able to schedule one appointment as opposed to multiple separate appointments for each of the treatments they purchase.  Is there a way to make this work? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Create Recurring Invoices in the Square App

Hello @coriumesthetics!


As a workaround you could use recurrning invoices with Square Appointments for a package, and view the number of invoices remaining in the series. However, you can't images to a recurring invoice series, I'm sorry!


Another workaround is to create a single service for package deals you offer but you'd need to track the number of sessions completed manually. You could ask customers to contact you directly for packages, and then schedule each session in the package deal as a separate appointment to ensure clients are charged for each session.


I'm adding your post to this thread where other sellers are interested in using Appointments to create and manage packages. We'll update the status to give you a heads up about any developments on this feature request.


As for your question about marketing by text - you might like to subscribe to this separate thread for updates! 

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Re: How to schedule multi packs in appointments

Yep! While we don't have a way to automatically apply discounts when customers book more than one service, you can create bundles as individual services. For example if you are a personal trainer, you can list 5 sessions at the discounted price as one appointment. 


When your customer comes in for their first appointment, you then can manually book their next, or all upcoming, appointments through your Appointments Dashboard. In your client information section of Dashboard you have the ability to add notes and view past appointments so you can keep track of their remaining appointments even if the schedule one at a time! 

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Create a new "item" and put your customers name or phone number in the title. For however many sessions you are selling, put that number in the inventory section. Place the item under the category "packages or pre paid sessions". Voila! Every time your customer books, simply sell this item until the "inventory" runs out.

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Thanks for sharing this, @turnstar 😊

@Buffalocryo what I do to track package deals is sell the package on a e gift card save the card to their profile then use it for the future sessions. And just discount the service to the package price 

I am a new customer and I would also greatly appreciate the addition of package tracking please. 


Thanks for adding your vote here @clinicalelement! We'll keep you updated with any news here. 


PS. I noticed it's your first post, welcome to our community 👋 

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Almost 6 years and many many Square Customer requests for a solution to this issue.  What can we do to make this happen for us?   Who can we escalate this to?  Loving all the new features like banking, recurring invoices but this is a pretty basic request that should have been added years ago.  Please provide an answer with a time frame and what steps are being taken to meet the many requests.  Thanks!



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This is exactly what I need no I do not want to have recurring payment. I want this to be like Chuck E. Cheese. And no not a gift card. Customer pays membership. With said membership they get x amount of tokens. They can then spend those tokens on products and services.  Is this so difficult to implement. Yes I know you can make a package and then use a spreadsheet I get it. I also know customer support is not allowed to say anything that is not currently in the system and can only falsely promise that this is being looked at when we all know it is not and not a high enough priority. Thank you everyone that is providing alternatives. More acceptable answers would include here are some plugins that work with square to do what you wants but nobody seems to have any answer. Hoping acuity does the job otherwise someone seeing this please make this happen. Welcome to 2022 will we ever get packages that allows clients to book with credits and determine when they want to book as they use up sessions and then have to buy more sessions.

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Hey there @Techie and Welcome to the Seller Community


I will be investigating to see if there are any integrations that support Square and offer a service like the one you need and will be reporting back. 

I was going to switch from Acuity to save money but if Square STILL has not provided a means for customers to book a package and then use a code for payment as they book their appointments, then there is no use switching. I use an automatic system to make my life easier, not create more work in booking appointments for clients. 😞 @Helen