Feature Request: Schedule multiple staff for single appointment

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Feature Request: Schedule multiple staff for single appointment

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Hello. I'm wondering how I can set up scheduling couples massages? I need to be able to have two employees selected when they choose this appointment type. I've tried explaining to a customer the steps to take to schedule two appointments for the same time with two different therapists but this showed to be too inconvenient and they said they'd rather just call in. 

Any help appreciated.



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Re: checking out client with multiple providers

Hey @Skp, welcome to the seller community!


I went to check on this request and the ability to process separate sales for each provider on one ticket isn't available at this time. Thank you for showing why this feature is important for your spa.


For now, you'll need to process each service separately to make sure the proper employee gets credit. Appreciate your patience as we make improvements based on seller feedback!

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Bumping you to let you know we are recruiting folks to test out this feature, if you're interested in giving it a go and helping provide us with feedback, @MaidInManalapan 

Head to this thread if this sounds like something you'd like to try out!

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we were wondering if in a future update to square appointments if you could support providing group employee bookings:


- Classes or employee title driven

- employee count requirement per appointment (need 2 employees or more)


That would be super helpful to the construction and home improvement trades of business. Many contractors have this need out there.



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We are currently testing this feature with a Beta group @MoverDudes📦🚚

I've moved your post to this thread so you will receive a notification when we post another update, and so that you can check out this post where we are recruiting interested sellers to test this feature out.

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I have a massage business.  We offer Couple's massage. With this service we have to book two therapists at the same time. In order to offer a couple's massage to be booked online the client has to book two appointments: 60 minute Swedish couple's massage - 1st person and 


60 minute Swedish couple's massage -2nd person with two separate therapists.  At checkout, there is not currently a way to add a service from one therapist's calendar and another therapist's calendar. You would have to check each person out separately currently.  

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Hi @SOMATherapeutic,


I moved your post to an existing feature request thread for this.

Check out the Best Answer above for details. 


In the future, don't hesitate to search your question first here or on the Support Center for your quickest answer too!

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Any news on the topic? I have the same issue like everyone here! Please come up with something already!

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Hey, @jun2955 - We don’t have an update to provide on this topic but will make sure to post it here once we know more. 


Thank you. 

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Thanks, I want to make sure that you are aware that it doesn’t work only with square register. It works on square terminal and on iPad app. Maybe that will help somehow to figure it out why it doesn’t allow you to do the same on register!

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My bad, it doesn’t work on any of them! I hoped I was wrong 😢

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No news and no improvement. I'm switching my booking and payment processing to Phorest, because their system is more intuitive for salons and less clunky. I used to love Square but they don't seem to be able to handle their own growth, much less mine. It's a shame.