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Will Square Appointments allow you to set individual deposit rules/amounts per each service?


Ive been with Square Appointments for almost 2 years after leaving GoDaddy. One very good feature GoDaddy allowed was for us to select the deposit requirements for each service INDIVIDUALLY. Right now, with Square, you only have 2 options: ALL SERVICES to be paid IN FULL at time of booking or REQUIRE CARD ON FILE for booking. Allowing us to individually set deposit amounts/ requirements for services will be EXTREMELY helpful for those of us in the service industry. For example: I charge $10.00 for a lip wax. I only require a card on file bc it was the lesser of two evils that Square offers. But I charge $250 for a full body wax. I would like to be able to have larger ticket services pay a deposit at time of scheduling to secure that time slot. I find that big ticket services where they have to pay a deposit upfront leaves a less likely chance of a No Show appointment. Instead I have to send an invoice through Square and give them 24 hrs to pay the deposit or the appointment will be canceled. It would be a lot more time efficient if this was added to the service section as an individual option.

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