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I linked my personal bank account for transfers due to business purchases until my Square Debit Card same in. My Square Debit Card is in and activated!! My question is.. do I need to unlink my personal bank account in order to use my Square Debit Card as my main?

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Hi @oliviapage - Welcome to The Seller Community, it's always nice to see a new face 😊


Great Question.

You, in fact, do not need to unlink your bank account now that your Square Card is activated.

Many sellers leave their bank account as a back up transfer method just in case you ever need to transfer funds into that particular account.

Others, for privacy reasons, do chose to unlink their bank account and only use their Square Card, which we are totally fine with.

To have your Square card unlinked, you'll need to contact our support at your earliest convenience.


Phone support is available Monday - Friday 6 AM - 6 PM PST. The telephone number is (855)700-6000.

Other options to contact Square are here.


I hope this helps.


As always, feel free to stop by The Community with question, concerns and even feature requests. We are more than happy to assist.


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